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  1. Album link: Score: 5.7
  2. General electric makes many things: dishwashers, refrigerators, turbojets... Well, KSP has turbojets, but no appliances! Make some appliances so Jeb can make snacks at home.
  3. Grab your badge, congrats! Cool! Submit a pic of the asteroid to get on the leaderboard.
  4. Version doesn't matter, go ahead.
  5. Yeah, it's more a matter of getting it on the first try to capture without burning up.
  6. Gonna try- haven't been to Dres in a while, and it's time to change that.
  7. Good luck, remember to save to avoid the Kraken. No, but it would certainly count if you made a moonmoonmoonmoon!
  8. Very cool! I'll put you on when you submit the details. If anyone's interested I'd definitely adopt one!
  9. I lost all of my lit up ships when my save file got corrupted. Will try and make something cool soon!
  10. Can we hyperedit to the surface of Moho? This doesn't seem terribly hard to me, gonna try if that's allowed. EDIT: Nvm
  11. Just tried. No dice, same issue. Wondering if booting the savefile is what's screwing it up.
  12. Newest version with MH. Completely vanilla. It happens after every game start, yes.