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  1. No purely orbital craft? Working on a Minmus craft right now.
  2. Haven't done it yet, get back to me if you try it though. I've heard that KJR can break the parts idk if it does though.
  3. Robot parts are very bendy. I've tried autostrut, rigid attachment, etc., but no luck. Any ideas on fixes? Any time I put pressure beyond a ton on a robot part they flex like crazy.
  4. Having the same issue, might try KJR.
  5. Album link: Score: 5.7
  6. General electric makes many things: dishwashers, refrigerators, turbojets... Well, KSP has turbojets, but no appliances! Make some appliances so Jeb can make snacks at home.
  7. Grab your badge, congrats! Cool! Submit a pic of the asteroid to get on the leaderboard.
  8. Version doesn't matter, go ahead.
  9. Yeah, it's more a matter of getting it on the first try to capture without burning up.
  10. Gonna try- haven't been to Dres in a while, and it's time to change that.