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  1. Can I scout a new location for the new Minmus missions without creating a new mission report? For some reason I decided to scout a polar location... not sure why. Would prefer to scout many points and not have to file each report...
  2. The Mil V-12 prototype was the heaviest helicopter ever built, at 97 metric tons. How big can you make a helicopter in KSP? Can you beat the V-12? To test your helicopter, take off from the KSC runway or launchpad and fly to the Island Airfield. Land there, take off again, and then return to the KSC in one piece. Rules: For the purposes of this challenge, a helicopter Is primarily lifted by a rotor or rotors; that is, it can take off vertically under the power of a rotor or rotors, without the aid of jet engines. Jet engines are allowed for lateral propulsion. Can hover in midair Can take off and land on a spot Any kind of propeller, rotor, jet engine, or rocket engine is allowed. No kraken drives. Your mass is determined by wet mass before takeoff. You may chose to deliver cargo to the Island Airfield to earn the Cargo Carrier distinction. This cargo should be counted as part of your takeoff mass. Kerbals do not count towards your mass. You may not lose parts during your flight. Your vehicle must be kerb'd. Distinctions: Cargo Carrier: Deliver cargo to the island airfield Kerbal Carrier: Deliver kerbals to the island airfield. Amphibious: During your flight, land in the ocean and take off again. Precision Landing: On your return to the KSC, land on the roof of the VAB Precision Landing, rank II: On your return to the KSC, land on the roof of the Administration Building Leaderboard:
  3. I just downloaded Airplane Plus, and only the propeller engines and mk 3 cargo cockpit are appearing in my parts list. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling from both CurseForge and Spacedock and neither is working. My other mods are BD Armory, Kerbal Engineer, EVE, KAS, and KIS. Thanks for any help!
  4. Realized I need to do a complete redesign of my Jool shuttle so that's fun. Here's a test mission instead. https://imgur.com/gallery/C3Z5DzQ
  5. Finally got back into doing this. Refreshed my shuttle design skills by going to Minmus. Now on to Jool. https://imgur.com/gallery/MTZ8MUx
  6. Verified my game files and reinstalled. Problem persists. Found a workaround: going to the tracking station and back fixes it. I think what's happening is that, for whatever reason, it's making a maneuver to intercept the Mun if I plot more than one maneuver in a ship, even if I delete the first. Yes, I am selecting the proper destination.
  7. Alright, KSP 1.12 added a maneuver node creator like Mechjeb has. Okay. How does it work? I tried plotting a transfer to Duna, and it literally sent me towards Eve, the exact incorrect direction. Is it broken? I've also noticed that automatically created alarms for maneuvers only seem to count down when the applicable vessel is being flown, not when in the tracking center or flying other vessels. This effectively renders it useless. Any workarounds? Thanks.
  8. Working on a Duna mission right now as a proof of concept- having some issues with heavier payloads and booster separation though, for some reason. Any idea what the max payload capacity of the KeR-7 is?
  9. https://imgur.com/gallery/GaLKwHY Had a few issues with Eve surface features. Hope this counts.
  10. Most of us have probably seen Starship hop before. This challenge is pretty simple- replicate SN10's flight profile (explosion optional) with a VTVL craft. -Your vehicle should use three engines that can gimbal. The craft should have a TWR of roughly 1 with 1 engine lit. -Fly to 10km, gradually shutting down your engines. Hover at 10km, and then shut off your final engine and flip over, falling on your side. -As late as possible, relight three engines and flip upright. -Shut down two engines and land vertically on landing legs. -Bonus points if it explodes shortly after landing. -Bonus points for aesthetics.
  11. Absolutely! Most challenges don't have prizes- I just do em for fun, as I imagine most people do.
  12. I would but I have both DLC unfortunately. I'd do it for no points, if you're accepting entries more loosely. Unfortunately I think anyone with the ability to take on a grand tour probably has both DLC already.
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