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  1. DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.3.0] [Alpha]

    One Question. Is it possible ot have a DM server to which multiple people can reach and build, without beeing online at teh same time. For example: I'd build a Space Station together with someone else. So i send the core module to orbit on monday. But he can't play on monday, so he joins the server on tuesday (where i'm not online) and docks another part to the station. Which i can see if i join the server on wednesday.. You get the idea. Is something like this possible?
  2. Deploy Elevons Further

    Okay, Thank You for the answer.
  3. Deploy Elevons Further

    How do i do that? I didn't find it out myself
  4. Deploy Elevons Further

    Thanks for the answers. I'll try it out
  5. Deploy Elevons Further

    So i built this small bomber, where i wanted to use elevons as my bombing bay doors, but when i deploy them, they open up only so little. But to safely drop something out of there i would need them to open up to 90 degrees. I've seen people use elevons as doors, that opened really wide, so i'm curious how to open them further than usually. (More than just putting the deploy limiter to 150) Thanks for answers
  6. The Kurburgring Lap

    Could we make some sort of second challenge with RoveMax Model M1 wheels maybe? Different "Car Class" with maybe less engines allowed? Because i just built this Hyper-Car and it has the wrong wheels on :0
  7. Rover Wheels only steer a little

    unfortunately is wasn't the reaction wheel. But Thank You for your answer anyway
  8. Rover Wheels only steer a little

    Thank You for the Answers Yeah, i haven't understood the logic that KSP uses for this yet. With the wheel further back, still didnÄ't turn properly. But then again, with this car i had no problem with the wheels: That could be it! I'm gonnac check this out. Thank You for the reply
  9. Rover Wheels only steer a little

    Here ya go I've had this problem with a lot of different rover lately. It does happen with wheels that are far from anything else too.
  10. So i had thsi problem with a couple of my rovers lately. The wheels steer in thh right direction. But only so little. Does anyóne know what teh problem is. Is it the other parts right next to the wheels? Because i didn't have the problem with open wheel rovers. But on the other side ive built rovers with wheel wells before and it worked just fine
  11. Funniest/Coolest Kerbal Names

    I don't know guys, for some reason i don't trust "Mitler" I have a feeling he's up to no good... I also feel uncomfortable with "Seemin" spending so much time with Valentina lately
  12. Harvester

    Thank You!
  13. Harvester

    We call those things "Mähdrescher" in Germany. i didn't know the english termology so i just took what google gave me
  14. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Haha no Problem I'm glad you like the Raptor i built
  15. show off your best airplanes and rockets!

    I think my best is my Northrop-Grumman B2 Spirit is my best one so far I built two small bomb bays, so it functions realistic