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  1. SpaceTrashCan

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I updated my Space Shuttles (Orbiter) mass placement, to give it better stability, then test launched The STS 2.0 on a cloudy Kerbin evening The mission was a great success
  2. SpaceTrashCan

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I finished my B-2 Bomber. if only it would handle well...
  3. Okay, Thank You very much so far.
  4. okay, how do I? The steam launcher gives me the option between "Play Kerbal Space Program" and "Launch KSP (32 Bit)". It tends to crash either way unfortunatly
  5. Hey, Since i installed the DLC my game keeps crashing. I don't know what it is. I run it completely vanilla (no mods beside the DLC). It tends to crash when it loads something. Vessel on launch pad, the VAB, SPH etc. I start KSP out of the steam window with th 32 bit version. Does anyone has these issues too? Is it the fresh new DLC causing that or did i do something? Thanks for answers!
  6. Jesus. Those are some long minutes. Am I travalling at C? Feels like time is standing still
  7. SpaceTrashCan

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I installed the Deep Space Diner on my Captured-Asteroid-Moon Munos, so my KSP crews in polar orbits can grab some Burgers
  8. SpaceTrashCan

    Scott Kelly plays KSP

    We should sign up and pull that through
  9. SpaceTrashCan

    Scott Kelly plays KSP

    Scott Kelly actually flew around in the Space Shuttle i built and uploaded to KerbalX: This made my day! I think i can retire from KSP now. I have achieved it all. Landed everywhere and had a real astronaut use my craft
  10. SpaceTrashCan

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I tried to break that sweet Minmus landspeed record. But when i burned halfway through the Solid Rocket Boosters the thing went airborne so i had to abort to get Billy-Bobgas out of there alive
  11. SpaceTrashCan

    Stock Space Race Replicas

    You can use any free picture upload website and share the URLs here.
  12. SpaceTrashCan

    Stock Space Race Replicas

    They look rather good. I like that you kept the original staging too
  13. SpaceTrashCan

    Stock Space Race Replicas

    Thanks! Yours look really nice! Especially the amount of details on the lifters
  14. SpaceTrashCan

    Stock Space Race Replicas

    Hi there, I've decided to share my collection of crafts from teh space race era with the community. I think the 60's and 70's were what you could call the golden era of space flight with massive goverment founds for Roskosmos and NASA and extremly fast developments. Me, as a big fan of the spacecrafts of that time i decided to build stock replicas as good as i could and share them. Since i hardly found any stock replicas of those craft (aside from Apollo) I would also love to see your stock replicas of those crafts I built Vostok, Soyuz, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. I haven't build Voskhod yet since it would only be a slightly changed up Vostok. All my craft have acurate replicas of the lifters too. It was important to me, that all lifters and Spaceships have teh original staging I will include the downlaoad links if you want to download the craft. Vostok Mercury Gemini Soyuz Apollo (15)
  15. SpaceTrashCan

    DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.4.2] [Alpha]

    One Question. Is it possible ot have a DM server to which multiple people can reach and build, without beeing online at teh same time. For example: I'd build a Space Station together with someone else. So i send the core module to orbit on monday. But he can't play on monday, so he joins the server on tuesday (where i'm not online) and docks another part to the station. Which i can see if i join the server on wednesday.. You get the idea. Is something like this possible?