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  1. Question: What are conditions for automatic switching for the nebula engines, rarely ever see them switch, sometimes it happens around 38km+ altitude then immediately flame-out as I get to 40Km alt shortly thereafter
  2. Trying more aerodynamic wing configurations for FAR, Still need RCS ports got impatient and just wanted to fly ;).
  3. Sleek SSTO, easy to fly, just gotta watch the throttle when J-92s are in Shcramjet mode, otherwise flat spin from asymmetric thrust( one engine flames out around mach 6+ and Alt. >26Km.
  4. Somewhat of a workaround, used TextPad to compared the *.cfg files for the engines vs. version 2.3.6 *.cfg files, and commented the two lines with primaryEngineModeDisplayName and secondaryEngineModeDisplayName. After that Kerbal engineer showed Delta V, TWR and thrust, so far nothing has broken.
  5. Working on Large Cargo SSTO inspired by Grunfworks' Laythe SSO; This one doesn't have that kind range.
  6. Any plans for H part( Cockpit, docking port, and/or science lab)
  7. Love this mod, check it out this SSTO, it land on water easy and when its fuel tanks are half full or less; it can also take-off from water. Still haven't come up with a name for it. It use OPT, OPT Legacy, MK2 Expansion and B9 mods. Still racking my brain for a proper name for it.
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