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  1. To Tyko: As I remember it, you get rid of the shroud if you just place your components in direct contact with each other. The shrouds only appear if you leave a gap.
  2. My thoughts are almost the opposite. I was thinking that it'd be better if they stopped having weekly updates as long as they're working on the same thing and not releasing anything new.
  3. Thanks. I assumed it was a bug fix and not part of the localization, since so many (default mapped) keys on so many keyboards are unusable.
  4. Has the international keyboard support been integrated? I thought from the devnotes that it was finally being fixed, but I can't see it in the patch list.
  5. No mods are necessary. It's all down to preference.
  6. I'm playing on a MacBook with Swedish keyboard layout. With non-English keyboards, it's common that some default keybinds don't work (eg previous and next craft for me) and many keys are unmapped in ksp – ie they don't even register when you try to bind them (in my case, at least the keys for å,ä,ö, and '). This has been a reported bug for over 3 years, and I was hoping bringing some light to how serious of a problem it is might push it up the bug list.