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  1. Dolphin Kerman

    Is this a bug or is my computer just old?

    Yeah that is basically what I have.
  2. Well it seems that when my Kerbals go from EVA RCS controls to EVA walking when they "crash" the get a glitched walking animation. Is this something that everyone experiences or is it just me? Please tell me if I can fix it too, it bugs me a little.
  3. Dolphin Kerman

    Reliant Robin Mod

    Hey, thanks, but in the time being I made my own stupid one Kerbal Reliant Robin!, I'll put a screen shot on later tonight maybe!
  4. Dolphin Kerman

    Reliant Robin Mod

    @steedcrugeon I cannot find their profile, could you link them, please?
  5. Dolphin Kerman

    Reliant Robin Mod

    @steedcrugeon I'd love to see a Reliant Command pod and try to make it a shuttle just like top gears attempt!
  6. Dolphin Kerman

    Space Shuttle or Buran

    You should try to make the Buran, I have yet to see an unmodded one! Plus you would be the first!
  7. Dolphin Kerman

    Reliant Robin Mod

    @Qwarkk No, and yes. But I really just want a three wheeled small car.
  8. Dolphin Kerman

    Reliant Robin Mod

    I've been looking for a mod for a Reliant Robin in KSP, but the one I found has a bronken link. Anybody else have a good Robin mod?
  9. Dolphin Kerman

    Reliant Robin, and Pinkie Pie

    Can someone please re-re-fix the link