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  1. With mordern Unity (Jobs + Burst + new Mesh API) shouldn't be a problem on the CPU either. I saw an example, a coin animation at 60 fps (in the editor) when a new mesh was created every frame with over 100,000 quads.
  2. After Dyson Sphere is also build with Unity, like KSP, but different art style. Valheim is also build with Unity and both Valheim and Dyson Sphere Program has an Hightmap based terrain deformation system.
  3. It certainly depends on the game, but the menu and controls are often different. Genshin impact also uses asset bundles for ingame updates (events). But what you have to consider from the beginning is the performance, if the game should also be playable on low end devices, it is better to develop it for this right from the start. Genshin impact is, in my opinion, a good example that it succeeded, and the visually most beautiful anime-style game on the market.
  4. Theoretically possible. The game "Genshin impact", also made with Unity, gets updates every 6 weeks, simultaneously on all platforms (PC, IOS, Android, PS4, Switch) In practical terms, this only works if you develop the game for all platforms from the start.
  5. Unity is working on it https://forum.unity.com/threads/feedback-wanted-streaming-virtual-texturing.849133/ A simple way would be to simply add a crater to the heightmap.
  6. Many games only compile the shaders when the game starts. And when loading a level, much more happens than just reading from the hard drive. The assets have to be unpacked, loaded into the scene, and graphic assets also sent to the GPU. Start scripts run to prepare the scene, in KSP e.g. when starting a vehicle it has to be reassembled from the save / craft file. Unity DOTS has the concept of subscenes, which was designed to save the data of the subscene exactly as it is in the RAM and then read it 1:1 into the RAM. But this is in develeopment.
  7. I think its an unfai comparison. This is just a quick assessment of the lack of time, but the Unity project is only intended to show what performance is gained through porting GameObject to DOTS, the excample itself is generally not optimized. Presumably unoptimized DOTS/Hybrid versus optimized native example? The question is also which version of the ECS render he is using, there is V2 version which is faster than the old one, which is more for static object optimizer, back then it was created for the megacity demo. (A mobile version of it was also shown once)
  8. I have to look at the unity profiler to see how PhyX behaves. It would be ideal if PhsX would generally run in its own thread. Apart from PyhsX, a problem with KSP is the partmodule system, basically a component system inside of unity GameObject components. If you have a vessel with 200 parts with average 3 modules, you have 600 modules update per frame. (There are also other methods, but I haven't modded KSP for a long time and I've forgotten) Depending on the action of the part module, this can quickly lead to performance problems. The 600 modules are also affected by GC, Unity
  9. KSP1 use Unity 2019.2 so it also use a newer PhisX version. the problem for KSP is that the vessels are on big joined "thing", so multithreading is limited. KSP1 started with PhyX 2.x, newer Unity version have PhyX 4.x with more performance and options.
  10. Games that use ECS are already being developed, for example: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1272320/Diplomacy_is_Not_an_Option/ In the Unity forum I also reported that other games with ECS are in development, but Unity could not or was not allowed to say anything. KSP1 has started with Unity 3.x, Unity has evolve since them. One problem of KSP1 is the core of the game is build of that old Unity version and cannot simply be fundamentally changed. Unity has now new tools, newer C# version/framework. PhysX in Unity is multithreaded since Unity5.
  11. Its solve some performance issuses, but kills KSP feeling
  12. SwitchPort()->Resourses()->isKSP2Indie() I think nowadays the word "indie" is used to describe the size of the budget, rather than the actual independence status. Private Devision is a publisher of indie games.
  13. According to this definition, games like CyberPunk 2077 should also be considered indie games. Developer and publisher is the same, i.e. independent.
  14. I don't know the exact number but according to LinkedIn, Intercept Games has 10-50 employees and 18 profiles exist. It's still indie for me.
  15. I have a little hope after the delays, ECS has time to grow and KSP2 can use it for some parts. There are already games in development that use ECS, so it's not entirely out of the question. We don't know at the moment which gameplay elements KSP 2 will have, but as I said, I think all of this together is too much for the Switch, without having to change or remove gameplay elements.
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