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  1. It’s not what he’s asking, it’s the way he’s asking, like he’s spoiling for a fight. He seems to think he’s so much smarter than actual rocket scientists and seems ver confrontational in how he “asks” questions. those are the signs of a troll. It’s ok to ask legitimate questions.
  2. it’s easy to google: oilsands tailings pond ducks numbers of ducks range from a dozen to 1600 seemingly depending on what the initial bias against the oilsands is in the reporting. as it relates to spacex though, it would be a huge PR bust- even for seagulls to be roasted live on camera. On the other hand they could probably try and spin this as the booster saving those poor birds on the landing zone. (Even though it’s not likely true)
  3. Losing the booster may have saved them from the Sierra club though. We had a dozen ducks die due to an equipment failure and it took years and millions of dollars to “correct” the issue (propane noisemaker ran out of gas).
  4. Where are their hard hats in case it falls on them?
  5. Maybe Elon answers his questions cause he doesn’t go on public forums making an ass of himself by saying how dumb other people are. Just sayin
  6. I agree. As someone who looks at most forums on my phone data (which is limited) it’s frustrating that video is the go to format for showing still pictures. All we need is a picture with a small write up underneath. I end up skipping most of the video content unless it’s important enough to remember when I get home
  7. I wonder if they’re using starlink now as the video feed has been much more stable since the 2nd or 3rd launch
  8. I wish they did a composite picture of the 3 landers to scale. It would make a great meme
  9. You could always use a split flap like the B2 apparently does. One side splits up and down and creates yaw in that direction like a speed brake. nevermind. I just remembered that the angle of attack is to great for this type of flap to really be effective.
  10. If they wanted, they probably could launch one of the falcon heavy boosters into a low orbit, then land it again. Didn’t they say at one point that theoretically F9 boosters could ssto? No payload except fuel, nose cone already attached. the only problem I see is I don’t think they’d have the fuel to slow down enough to survive reentry.
  11. How about Super Heavy Interplanetary Transport
  12. Did anyone else think the legs were stuck closed? They were really late
  13. What about putting some Super Draco’s higher up on the fuselage? Can act as a landing engine high above the surface and also an escape system if the craft could be split away from its fuel tanks somehow
  14. And so how would this explain aircraft disappearing? Not that I believe in the Bermuda Triangle.
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