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  1. Maybe Elon answers his questions cause he doesn’t go on public forums making an ass of himself by saying how dumb other people are. Just sayin
  2. I agree. As someone who looks at most forums on my phone data (which is limited) it’s frustrating that video is the go to format for showing still pictures. All we need is a picture with a small write up underneath. I end up skipping most of the video content unless it’s important enough to remember when I get home
  3. I wonder if they’re using starlink now as the video feed has been much more stable since the 2nd or 3rd launch
  4. I wish they did a composite picture of the 3 landers to scale. It would make a great meme
  5. You could always use a split flap like the B2 apparently does. One side splits up and down and creates yaw in that direction like a speed brake. nevermind. I just remembered that the angle of attack is to great for this type of flap to really be effective.
  6. If they wanted, they probably could launch one of the falcon heavy boosters into a low orbit, then land it again. Didn’t they say at one point that theoretically F9 boosters could ssto? No payload except fuel, nose cone already attached. the only problem I see is I don’t think they’d have the fuel to slow down enough to survive reentry.
  7. How about Super Heavy Interplanetary Transport
  8. Did anyone else think the legs were stuck closed? They were really late
  9. What about putting some Super Draco’s higher up on the fuselage? Can act as a landing engine high above the surface and also an escape system if the craft could be split away from its fuel tanks somehow
  10. And so how would this explain aircraft disappearing? Not that I believe in the Bermuda Triangle.
  11. Even NASA used Snoopy and Charlie Brown for an earlier Apollo mission (assuming Scott Manley is correct :)) before they started to worry about what the rest of the world would think of them. I can imagine it now "Houston, Charlie Brown has touched down... Finally!" (I know- it would have been Snoopy touching down, but that doesn't work as well)
  12. As opposed to "Boaty McBoatface" or whatever that ship was. I think some people take themselves way too seriously. Its that kind of institutionalized/traditional thinking that has kept the space race at a walk for the last several decades
  13. They’re probably self insuring so no nasty insurance company to please
  14. Could this be radiation shielding too? Solves another problem if so
  15. Ah. I saw where they said that but I didn’t realize what that meant (we are always in disagreement in my family but we don’t stop- just keep going!)
  16. just got a chance to watch the launch. Was neat to see the satellite correcting it’s tumble right at the end of the webcast (at least I think that’s what happened)
  17. Either way, the way they worded it was kind of like he knew there were more barriers to securing the funding than a simple shareholder vote. Several other things had to go right too and they weren’t a sure thing. That’s why they said they went after him
  18. That was 650 kilometers. About 400 miles. (Just for clarity)
  19. https://www.teslarati.com/spacex-falcon-heavy-launch-nosecone/ this is is where I saw the article.
  20. Pretty sure this is a picture from the Falcon Heavy test that has just resurfaced and people think it’s new (the nosecone picture). For some reason the quoted article is different than what showed when I quoted it
  21. It seems like if you had the technology to do this, why wouldn’t you just “catch” asteroids and harness their kinetic energy and their materials too. Way easier than launching a rock from Saturn. (As in not easy at all but if you can catch a rock why like that...) I think catching the rock would require as much energy as you’d harness from it slowing it down to earth orbital speeds maybe i I missed something cause I just skimmed through the idea
  22. Didn’t shuttle crews have to be on board for several hours before launch? Falcon 9 takes much less time to fill than that how do the Russians do it?
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