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  1. It did handle very well .. I guess because it was a rather stocky design and had 4 swiveling engines on the side (as well as a RCS Thrusters and ample Reaction Wheels) I just looked up if I could find some pics of it and actually found one: On its way to Mun and still connected to its Mun landing ferry Addendum: Just looked it up in the VAB ... it also had a heat shield below the center tank, adding to its stability by putting something very heavy to the bottom
  2. In my current game: Forgetting the parachutes on my manned spaceship to Mun. And only noticing it on its return to Kerbin, when I was descending in 12 km altitude and wondered why, despite frantically hitting space, no Drogue chutes got released. Funny enough my Kerbonauts still survived ... I had planned ample fuel for the mission and had ~2000 m/s dV left and my engine had a good TWR even in Kerbins atmosphere ... and by throttling it to full I was able to brake my spaceship enough to make a rough, but survivable landing. Nevertheless it were extremly stress
  3. Addendum: I just tested it on the Launchpad and there the controller macros work as they are supposed to work. So, I guess my problem is solved (or rather, was not existent outside opf thje VAB). Still the question remains why it didn't work in the VAB Action Group Mode
  4. Maybe someone has a solution to my problem: I want to create some kind of VTOL-Shuttle that can orient his rocket engines to both, backside as well as underside (similar to the Boeing V-22 Osprey, just that this is a space shuttle and the tilt is supposed to be used for landing on Mun). So I attached 2 Mk-12 Rotation Servos to the main tank of my shuttle craft and 2 KAL-1000-Controllers, one for Flight Mode (Engines firing backwards) and one for Mun Landing Mode (Engines firing downwards). Now the problems start: I have added both Rotation Servos to the action group
  5. I have the same problem, but also a workaround: It seems like my first scanning arm rover use after accepting such a mission always fails to fulfill the missions parameters. But if I send a second rover, he manages to complete the mission. Therefore, i the first rover fails to complete the mission I nowadays just send in a 2nd rover ... has always worked so far
  6. I put it in here (instead of the general suggestions forum), because it is an expansion specific suggestion. I think it is not only useful, but absolutely necessary, to implement some kind of slider where you can adjust the time intervbals in which you get notification messages about new science points that are generated by your ground experiments. At the moment I have 3 ground experimental setups running on Mun (in order to fulfill a Goo Experiment Contract) and get spammed with messages informing me that the experiment added around 0.033 - 0.007 science points to my science point p
  7. Godot


    This. dV requirements to other planets, especially to the outer planets, can show such a large variation (example: Jool, where it can vary between 5km and 18km, depending on when you start) that a single dV value doesn't make sense. Instead the mission should be planned with the dV requirements for the actual starting time (and possible return windows, if manned) in mind
  8. Perhaps extinct ... either by a cosmic catastrophe (like a metorite or hard radiation from some nearby stellar event) or some kind of disease or reverted to stone age, due to a large war (probably because of religious reasons) with bthe use of NBC weapons or a catastrophe that wasn´t able to wipe mankind completely from the face of the planet, or just because of the exhaustion of resources needed to make technology On the other hand, 1*10^6 years are a long time ... mankind could already have begun to recover from said catastrophe/war and may be a technological civilization ag
  9. That´s intended, because they are The more important question is, how you can itneract with the API of the universe, in order to let your own programs interact with it. I´d like to use it in order to duplicate my Godot-Self, with the "needs food", "needs water", "gets tired" and "has free will" - flags disabled ... so that I can use my duplicate in order to do menial boring tasks for me
  10. Reys Grand-grandfather and therefore Lukes grandfather and Vaders father
  11. Well, it is clear that it all will boil down to a couple of questions: 1. Does it have pharmacological use? (if yes, secure funding by pharma companies in order to research its cultivation and extraction) 2. Can it be used in warfare? (if yes contact the US military in order to gather fundings for further research into it) 3. Can it replace fossile fuels? (if yes, contact OPEC in order to gather bribes to keep it secret) 4. Is it edible and tastes well? (if yes secure fundings from gourmet restaurant chains in order to research cultivation, extraction and best pürepa
  12. Great ... actually since encountering such an LED-Light feature in Empyrion, I was wondering if such a feature could be implemented in KSP as well. Your mod is the answer to this question
  13. I always found the standard ones, where the capsule spawns in just ~100 km orbi9t around Kerbin to be rather simple ... you just have to take care that your ship launches shortly before the capsule is in its orbit above KSC ... this way you already have a short distance to the capsule when you circularize your orbit and usually manage within one orbit, to get within 2 km of the rescuees ship and switch ships in order to transfer the rescuee with a short spacewalk to your own ship. Unfortunately it seems like in KSP 1.1 it isn´t the rule that you get those easy contracts as first ones ..
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