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  1. I have done this for an old challenge. The mass of the craft landed on the VAB is 55 tons
  2. Challenge accepted. This was only a test(I forgot the parachute and i didn't put the Kerbal in the External seat) Anyway I made Basic and Advanced Mode with only 4 SRB. The same rocket can also do Expert mode
  3. I have a problem with the download of the rover @MiffedStarfish Can you provide a KerbalX link? Also, can I use KSP 1.3 ?
  4. Jeb Bomber High speed bomber. With afterburners and low fuel can reach mach 2
  5. I have a bomber, in a few hours I can post the images
  6. The craft needs to be manned ?
  7. Can I use The IVA mode ?
  8. Very cool challenge. For the badge you can ask here
  9. I will post the video soon
  10. Do you have many mods installed ?
  11. I have not understand this