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  1. Looking in the control centre I found this very interesting contract:


    Searching on the internet I found that there was a challenge like that on Reddit where you need to deliver 300 ore. The best entry used more than one million founds so my question is this : is it possible to complete the contract remaining in the budget? And which is the cheapest rocket you can complete this contract with?


  2. 17 hours ago, Kergarin said:

    Just a suggestion: what do you think about rearranging the first post? You could order the entries by number of launches instead of planets.

    There is a reason why I structured the leaderboard in that way, I wanted the players to focus more on landing (and coming back to Kerbin) on very difficult planets in the fewest possible launches instead of reaching lots of planets in two launches.

  3. Another interesting idea would be landing on the inner planets. Landing on Eve and Duna is possible but Moho would be a very challenging place to land.

    Landing also on Dres in the same mission would be fantastic, but I don't know if it is possible.

  4. 7 hours ago, Kergarin said:


    Does it have to be a planet, or are moons from other planets ok too?

    And is making history allowed?

    1) It can be also a moon

    2) Yes

    @ManEatingApe Your entry was absolutely amazing but I forgot to say that returning to Kerbin is needed. I'll do a separate leaderboards for the missions like yours.

  5. The rules of this challenges are very simple:

    Start a new carrier game with normal settings and land on a planet with the least number of launches you can. There are different leaderboard for one-way missions and return missions.

    Cheats, alt f12 and mods are not permitted


    This is my entry:




    4 launches:

    @CairoJack duna


    One way: 

    2 launches:

    @ManEatingApe & @Kergarin Duna, Eve & Eeloo 

    @ManEatingApe Duna &Eeloo

  6. This is known as the Ultimate Challenge, and a lot of people has done it before.

    What you are suggesting is doing it without mining, which assume that you have to build a gigantic craft which can fries almost every computer of normal people. Moreover one of the first thing to think while creating a challenge is wether this challenge is possible. Have you proved it ? If the answer is yes you are a master, if not you have to think if this challenge is useful.

    Anyway, welcome in the forum. 

  7. Ok Ok I will relaunch my mission.

    On 9/6/2017 at 8:47 PM, eloquentJane said:
    • All vehicles you use in this challenge must be either replicas or directly inspired by technology which was either used or suggested for use by the space agencies of the USA or the USSR (within reason). The technology should also be roughly appropriate for the era; e.g. you can't use vehicles which are essentially mimics of the Constellation program because that technology is too new.

    I didn't understand the rules very well, I thought that i didn't need to be inspired by a specific mission but by American or Russian technology in general

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