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  1. @Crispynaut https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsiolkovsky_rocket_equation You can calculate the ∆v of your rocket with this formula, or you can use a readout mod (easier) Then you can subtract the ∆v requirement (5140 m/s2), take your final stage, and find with amount of fuel do you need to get the amount of ∆v you have calculate. Subtract the fuel from the total and here you go I hope you can understand, my english is not the best
  2. I didn't miss the rule The page was edited at 11:48 pm, while I replied at 4:41 pm
  3. @Skylon my craft can be controlled remotely, so my score is 2811
  4. It looks awesome, but how can intercept other planes with such a high speed ?
  5. If the pilot is considered a 'tourist'
  6. I think I'll need less ∆v, but I must have a lot of heat shields
  7. I'm trying to do this challenge with no Jool encounter: I will need more ∆v but I can save time If I succeed, how can I get the badge?
  8. You should add points for ore For example 1 point every 100 ore
  9. Thank you very much but I've rebuild my lander and now it weights only 25 tons! Anyway if you want to launch it in Project Babylon these are the craft file heavy version (67 tons - 8 boats - 8 buoy) https://kerbalx.com/CairoJack/Laythe-race light version (25 tons - 4 boats - 4 buoy) https://kerbalx.com/CairoJack/Laythe-race-2 It is very simple, but can reach 50 m/s (180 km/h)
  10. The problem with Laythe is the huge amount of ∆v and, because I use boats (which are heavier then rovers), the mass of the mothership I spent a lot of time to get to the Jool system, just to see my ship destroyed by Laythe atmosphere. Does anyone have a ship which can carry a 65 ton payload in LLO ?
  11. Can I use boats, instead of rovers, on Laythe ?
  12. I think the score is the landing speed
  13. Was that the drone destroyed by Piper?
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