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  1. 1147 m/s in the no limit class (there is a fuel tank not visually attached) 104 points
  2. I didn't remember I had it Anyway now I see them as craft files
  3. I have downloaded the rockets and I have dragged them in the Ship/VAB folder but i don't see any new rocket in KSP
  4. I have to use the weapons or are allowed?
  5. I have done it with KER. Is it ok?
  6. https://kerbalx.com/CairoJack/Plane
  7. Of course @TheEpicSquared Why your demo flight had a paid government payload ? I have understand that we don't earn money in our demo flight
  8. @TheEpicSquared How can you have 104,970 founds? You gain 21,000 founds and i don't think that your rocket costs only 2,500 founds Maybe you forgot the development cost
  9. Due to the efficiency of the upper stage engine I have changed the characteristic of my craft: Cobra I Costumer Price: 15,000 founds Payload to LKO: 1 ton The first stage is reusable @TheEpicSquared My rocket has a payload which can get into a LMO. It weights a bit more than one ton (I succeeded in going into a LKO with it) so if you run out of fuel you can use the payload engine. Can I have a government refund for this mission ? https://kerbalx.com/CairoJack/Cobra-I
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