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  1. yeah, this is a very hard necropost. but who doesn't like coming back to something old and seeing that it worked?
  2. i must say, this is one of the more creative and original planet packs i've seen! good job!
  3. i don't think you can, i took down the link ages ago and i don't want you to do so either since this is in no way representative of what i am now and what i have been working on in the past few months...
  4. ah, it still needs a change. a planet with no color whatsoever isn't very pretty
  5. hmmm, looks pretty good! although raquel needs some different colors, using the heightmap as colormap isn't a good idea
  6. really cool planet, you can see the amount of effort that went into making this the perfect way to get rid of dres
  7. oh god finally tylo doesn't look like birdpoop anymore
  8. looks good! i'd say, tune down the brightness of the rings and maybe have them vary in brighter and darker regions
  9. how to delete every past post i've made

  10. It replaces it. The Kerbol System is still sort of there, but it's a more scorched version. Yes it would be possible to extract most of the planets easily, except for Rhode. And the binary stars, if I'm not mistaken.
  11. Rest In Pieces, Center Core. 

    Oh well. STP-2 had the hardest landing. 

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