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  1. subearth in binary with a dense Mars-sized Luna (this is the planet you're seeing right now) with at least two major moons orbiting further out oh and circumbinary rings who doesn't love them
  2. figured i'd add a bit more context, this is a moon i made for a system replacer that's currently in the works. was super proud of it so i wanted to share it as far and wide as i could
  3. oh hell yes the stock shadows looking like, ya know, shadows, would be nice
  4. oh the terrain looks amazing! does this planet's star system have more than one star because it definitely seems like it
  5. the rocket was pretty big, but it's really more forgiving than it seems. if you can go to eve, you can go to aeneas. but moving to the other planets and especially landing on their moons is a different story...
  6. forgot to share these, i sent a kerbal to aeneas and back (into orbit to pick up later)
  7. you can just phase through the roofs of the caves, they have no collision. yes they are on avernus, no you don't need an external mod for them since they're scatters
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