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  1. actually unreal to see this revolutionary mod done, huge congrats man <3
  2. the mod should work in the current version, and is installed just like any other mod
  3. the first issue is just the space center screen being the space center screen and always lying to you, no fix really :( the others sound strange though. could you send some logs and screenshots @GregroxMun's way?
  4. something coming soon >:)

  5. it was worked on after the time limit, mostly some improvements on the maps and small tweaks. new bodies are very unlikely
  6. splendor work, really like Kerbin's colors i suggest making the shallows based on the actual terrain below it instead of a set distance from the coast
  7. like all planetmods that add instead of replace, this should be compatible with pretty much everything including AVP
  8. this mod is really neatly made, absolutely digging the corona! well done and good luck on any future endeavours!
  9. subearth in binary with a dense Mars-sized Luna (this is the planet you're seeing right now) with at least two major moons orbiting further out oh and circumbinary rings who doesn't love them
  10. figured i'd add a bit more context, this is a moon i made for a system replacer that's currently in the works. was super proud of it so i wanted to share it as far and wide as i could
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