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  1. since the release of the latest update 1.7.3 I get spammed by the few deployed science modules from breaking ground that I have laying around the Mun and Minmus. Before the update I would get an update whenever bigger chunks of science were automatically uploaded to the KSC, now I get an update for ridiculous amounts like "0.05 science added" and I get, litteraly, hundreds of them. I assume this is a bug that will be fixed, but until then... is there a way to prevent deployed science from updating you then it uploads the science? or a way to dismiss multiple notifications at once? Has anyone else encountered this issue?
  2. Thanks mate, works like a charm. This time I will just make sure I avoid auto updates and just stick to 1.5 until I'm done with my missions.
  3. Yes please! After the update I wasn't sure if KJR was still working on version 1.5 and I tried moving around one of my more complex vessels in orbit... it became many smaller less complex ones.
  4. Hello there, I am running into a interesting issue lately and I was wondering if anyone has experienced (and hopefully solved) something similar. I run a heavily modded game in an HP Omen with i7 processor and Nvidia GPU. Been playing the game for years, mostly problem free. Since a few days the following happens: - I start the game, go through the loading screen, all seems good but when the game actually starts the FPS are painfully low. - I restart the game multiple times (sometimes once, sometimes twice... ) and then the game will be running again on its desirable FPS. The interesting thing of all this is that, since HP Omens are (in)famous for their noisy ventilation system, one can tell how hard the GPU and CPU are working at any given time just out of how noisy the laptop is. When the game starts on the slow FPS mode the ventilation system is quiet, seems like the CPU is deciding by itself to run on diesel mode, whereas when the game finally decides to start in the desirable FPS mode the ventilation kicks in right away. From my non technical background it seems to me that my laptop decides, based on it's mood, to either dumb itself down and not make an effort, or to actually do... Anyone, any tips?
  5. Phew, thank the dark Lord there will be a compatibity update... I use R&D heavily and half my plane designs and most (if not all) the ships I have orbiting and roaming around space have parts that have been upgraded. Basically I would have to re-design most of my stuff (and retire all the ships I have already in orbit). Big kudos to modders like you that add depth and meta to already awesome games like KSP
  6. Not really a space station; but KSP keeps converting it to a base everytime I dock or undock the probes I use for mining. KSS Acropolis is an (almost) self sustainable ship. It has living quarters for up to 4 kerbals, a science lab (both from Planetary Base Systems mod), enough supplies and waste space for a year and a half without any kind of resupplies (TAC life support) and on top of that recycling units for waste water, carbon dioxide and a greenhouse (with algae farms for the fertilizer) so it could theoretically go on up to 4 years before running out of supplies and space for waste. It's powered by 4 atomic engines but to save weight it doesn't pack enough fuel to get back from Duna, that's where the three attached mining drones come in handy. Since I want to send it over to Duna to act as a mothership (I plan on sending a planetary base and a vessel on the surface to bring back the 4 lucky kerbalnauts to orbit at Duna) I am testing both the mining drones and the life support recycling systems while orbiting Minmus. Here still while being assembled on Kerbin low orbit And here moving in the one-way landing vehicle for Duna to dock into it's port
  7. If they have the release event before they actually release and expect people to take it in a positive light... I dunno, I am thrilled for them but I want to play 1.2, not watch them celebrate a non-event... but maybe I´m an eager beaver party pooper... dunno
  8. I am also considering taking off tomorrow due to sickness... space sickness
  9. Well, the fact that they have a release party doesn't necessarily mean that they will wait until the party starts to hit the button... Actually that would be quite counterproductive. The best approach would be to do a morning release and use the day to check if there are any issues. That they have regularly released towards their evening might be, on the other hand, an indication that they will stick to their customs... We will see in a few hours either way
  10. Will they at least push the button as soon as they get to the office..? Or will they linger on until the end of the day... I left my PC and steam running back home on the hope that by the time I get back this evening 1.2 will be waiting for me....
  11. Would be nice if you would volunteer as tribute and wait until 00:01 and tell us if the download starts Benji... just a suggestion right there for you It would be kind of weird to have a worldwide launch based on the timezone of where the development takes place but who knows... either way: HYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPE HYPEEEEEEEEE
  12. My assumption would be that the release is already safely hosted on Steam, and that as soon as the calendar for your time-zone hits the 11th steam will green light the download of the patch... that's at least the way it has worked for my with other games... but maybe KSP is special