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  1. Can you change my name to "maallaard" please? Thanks!
  2. So, since the OP said he has handed off this mod to @linuxgurugamer, will there be a new thread as well? (sorry if there is and I didn't look hard enough) I don't mean to be needy linux, as I know you have a lot on your plate already. I greatly appreciate your work (I'm a huge fan of your mods ), but I was just curious as to the state of this particular mod.
  3. So I edited the MM cfg cache a bit to make Snacks! compatible with the base game's ore tanks, as well as the tanks in Restock+. What I did was use SimpleFuelSwitch (basically a dumbed-down InterstellarFuelSwitch) to modify the ore tanks in stock and restock+, so that instead of just holding ore, they can be configured to hold either ore, snacks, or soil. Pretty simple change overall, but I did have a difficult time rewriting in the MM cache tho, since my computer has very little RAM and it was very slow to delete or write anything. However, I was wondering if it was possible to make a sep
  4. I am an experienced player returning after not playing for a couple years, and I went thru all my old mods, and got as many 1.10.1 (as well as a few 1.9-1.8) compatible versions as I could, and ditched the rest. However, I can't get past the startup menu since the buttons aren't working. I tried removing Kopernicus Bleeding Edge and any planet packs, but the issue still persists. I then removed ALL the mods that AVC said was incompatible, and I still am stuck, so old versions of mods isn't the problem. Here's the link to the log Here's my mod list: EDIT: Solved, was missing a
  5. Yeah, it's gonna be pretty hard to recover a craft file that old. Several changes have been made to the stock parts since then, as well as the mods that you may have used. I'm not one to let people down, but it would be easier to try and start from scratch, rather than try and figure out and try to fix whatever is going on with your craft file. If you don't want to do that, you could try and revert back to 1.1.3 and then try and get that old Mk2 mod you couldn't find, but there's not much more that can be done, unless you're a wizard at editing cfg files. PS: Welcome back!
  6. You made an engine have the same performance as an aerospike?
  7. Found out that KRASH is the absolute best mod ever when you're brave enough to turn off the revert-flight button god bless you @linuxgurugamer
  8. I made an atmospheric lander with the mk2 lander can, with the small 2.5-meter fuel tank, the 88-88 antenna on top, every single science experiment (as well as the small drill), and I dubbed it the "umbrella" cause of the 88-88 antenna that covered the top like an umbrella. That was the very first craft I made right after I got KSP on a steam sale.
  9. Just a thank-you to all the wonderful people who are doing such an amazing job working to keep this massive mod pack up to date.
  10. When did I bring up copyright holding and warranty? I'm just saying if anyone comes asking about issues they experience, and they downloaded your patch, then you should try and help them out.
  11. how long have you been playing ksp?
  12. If anyone needs a substitute for x science until it gets patched for 1.5.1, check out ScienceAlert by @linuxgurugamer
  13. Make sure to deal with any problems anyone reports to you about your patch, since it is YOUR patch.
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