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  1. Here's my try. I made it with a rapier and an aerospike pointing at CoM. Turned out the aerospike with not pointing at CoM when I was in space so I had hold down roll while circularizing . Worked out though
  2. One More Booster Co. Presents their 2nd generation of medium regional jets The S2-72b! After receiving feedback that fuel efficiency was in fact a very important factor to our customers, we have come to the realization that spaceplane parts would not work out. Weighing under 17t and only 19 seperate parts the S2-72b is both extremely fuel economic and easy maintenance. And if you happen to like pitch authority you will love this bird as it has it FOR DAYS! passenger seats: 72 Crew: 2 19 parts Range: ~2000 km Cruising Speed: 240 m/s Cruising Altitude: 11000 m Takeoff/landing speed: 45 m/s Prize: 48,335,000 It only takes about 6:30 min to reach cruising speed and altitude making it great for medium flights. In its current configuration the tanks are not full, so range can easily be extended if necessary. Kerbalx page: Download link:
  3. Thanks for the review. We realize now that trying to build a commercial airplane out of spaceplane parts might have been a mistake. We have now invested in new parts designed for subsonic speeds that are much lighter! We can tease the release of a new model weighing in at under 18t! (are we allowed more than 1 entry?)
  4. Rosvall

    Turbofan Speed Run

    With this design I only had heating trouble on the return trip when the engines were already hot. In the return run I have to cut the engines every time I go over about 600 m/s.
  5. Rosvall

    Turbofan Speed Run

    Sweet! mk2 definitely seems like the way to go because of the heating issue (the lift is nice aswell).In launch clamps pointed right for the Island! I used 4x XL landing gear for hard landings + 2 medium in the front so it was possible to turn around on the Island runway. Time was just under 3 min at 2:59
  6. Rosvall

    Turbofan Speed Run

    Btw Very nice challenge! I'm working on an mk2 version with 4 goliaths as the mk1 kept blowing up. Are launch clamps allowed?
  7. Rosvall

    Turbofan Speed Run

    I made an abomination xD 4 goliaths plus a lot and radiators and airbrakes. I still had to toggle the engines when getting too hot. Time was 3:42
  8. The One More Booster Co. Presents... The Kerb Ferry 72! This plane is One More Booster Co.'s newest model in the Medium Regional Jet class airplane. The Kerb Ferry 72 got its name after an emergency landing at sea during testing in rough weather. Pilot Jeschel Kerman found that the plane could easily takeoff from the water. Although this feature was never used after the incident it made for a good name. The Kerb Ferry 72 features space for 4 crew members, 72 passengers, and a decently sized cargo bay. The main wings are angled "rather aggressively" to achieve a level cabin when cruising while also keeping fuselage drag at a minimum. Though it is not exactly small it handles very well and is very capable in smaller more difficult airports. (Can be modified to carry more fuel if required since engine tanks are structural) Technical Specifications : 4 pilots and 72 passengers Weighs 45,895 tons Cruise altitude of 7,000 m Cruise speed of 310 m/s (increases slowly during level flight at 7,000 meters trending towards 345 m/s) Range of just over 2,500 km Take-off speed of 65 m/s Price of 139,230,000$ Craft file: KerbalX link:
  9. I tried again with a different plane and a lower altitude. Cruising speed was 1730-1736 m/s at 18,500 meters. It took a little extra time to get onto the runway since i undershot it by a bit time: 39:55
  10. Here's my submission 1 circumnavigation time was 46:21 I might do another try to see if I can challenge the fastest times
  11. Rosvall

    Single RAPIER efficiency challenge

    Here's my try. I hope I didn't break any rules (first time posting here). 2792 m/s dv in a very LKO
  12. Thanks, thought I already tried that but it works now!
  13. Sorry for the stupid question but exactly how do I install this? I can't seem to make it show up in game