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  1. I have seen the same behavior under the same circumstances, and I think the issue is the frame of reference used by MJ to answer the question "what is 0 degrees?", but I am probably not articulating that well. Anyway, I've experienced this. If, for an additional data point, you want my logs, mods, etc, I can provide them. Unrelatedly, a while back I was inquiring about some docking issues. @Starwaster had some great advice, which left me to conclude that I'm building too big & heavy for sensible docking. But that's my thing so I persevere, no complaints. @sarbian at one point offered to including a toggle between the pre & post dev version 710 docking code. I'd like to request this toggle be added to MJ sometime when you have absolutely nothing better to do. I haven't the foggiest clue about pull-requests. But I get this whole modding thing, so if you'd rather not, I can change my thing to be smaller construction. Thanks.
  2. Excellent. Also a good jumping off point for the rest of the solar system. Don't write off Minmus, though. It is still a very, very large and accessible gas tank.
  3. While you're doing that, and if you haven't already done so, put up some cheap resource scanning & terrain mapping probes just to make sure your target bodies have the things you are looking for & are accessible. Good luck & have fun!
  4. Unobtainium obtained! Mined, transported back to Kerbin & cashed in. Ka-ching! I never ran into any technical glitches on the way, but I do have some opinions on the balance. It seemed to me to be almost too easy to mine, recover for transport to Kerbin, & land it on Kerbin. With Gold there is the intermediate step of smelting, adding to the complexity. Plus having the large tanks available for gold ore & gold encouraged you to use them, pushing you to consider & deal with weight in all ship designs. I just think that unobtainium should be almost the hardest thing to mine & recover to Kerbin, considering the pay-off. Right now locations are a challenge, if you are crafty enough to find it, but after that, it's kind of easy. But maybe all the learning I did mining Gold payed off with respect to unobtainium. Still, it's a 10m tank full of fun this mod. Thanks!
  5. The hunt for Unobtainium is about to begin. I'll get back to you with my results, other than " I have spent a great deal of spezos on infrastructure"
  6. So after significant trail & error, (pretty standard for me) I have a working gold recovery-to-kerbin system going. I found some deposits on [REDACTED], so that was [DATA EXPUNGED]. My system consists of multiple landers(drilling/ore storage/power, drilling/smelting/goldstorage, general ore storage, general gold storage. All with adequate cooling & solar.), and transports from surface to storage on station, transports from [REDACTED] Station to Kerbin Station, & transport to Kerbin surface. The only really tricky one was transport to Kerbin surface, because if you try to land more than 1 tanks worth of gold AND splash down, you are going to the bottom. So you have to land it. Getting the re-entry numbers right so you maximize return takes a few trips. I'd say gold's weight is on the light side, but not bad. You can still maneuver a transport in space with 6 full tanks of refined gold quite well, but you do need to pack a good engine & bookoo fuel. I did a temp game & sent probes to friggin everywhere & found Unobtainium on [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], but never pursued it any farther in that save. I plan to do the same exploitation in my main save in a bit. Nice mod, much fun, so cash, very like.
  7. I build big, heavy things in space for the most part. I going to think about what @Starwaster has said & look into my designs with more scrutiny. And besides, where is the fun in things going smoothly all the time? Thanks for the words, it gives me some things to think about, and a few ideas for modifications of my designs like smaller, lighter, an more modular in nature.
  8. I have been at a loss for some time now as to where to go with KSP. I thought mining the other resources would hold my attention but the financial payoff for resource return to Kerbin is pretty minuscule. I could presume then to create a sustainable economy with this mod, correct? I like building big structures & systems and this mod seems like a good focus for that.
  9. Is there an ideal configuration for RCS thrusters for docking on a craft, using MJ version #712 & beyond? What I am used to building (thrusters oriented N,S,E,& W, placed at the front, middle & tail of craft) no longer works past #710. Prior to #712, that configuration worked a treat. Now, it races laterally and, once lined up, ends up swinging back and forth as it approaches the target port. I know there was some code changed at #712, & I basically understand why. All things considered, I think my design is gibbled. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. This maybe what you just fixed, but on the chance it's different... Spacebus experiencing "phantom forces" in space, aka the spaceworm. Only using stock Mk2 parts plus the log cab & the MATTOCK engine, MM2.8.1 & Mechjeb 712 in a fresh install of 1.3 log files, save files(before destruction & after), & craft file: Expansion Yep, you fixed it. Thanks!
  11. A pic of one of my stations, thanks to @Nertea & Near Future. The game is just not the same without these parts. Edit: Something isn't working right, but there's the link.