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  1. After a long hiatus on part development, I've decided to get back into developing my part mod (Exoplanetary Exploration Technologies). I'm also starting to test this in Intergalactic, because after all this mod is designed to work with planet packs (that add exoplanets)!



    An engine with custom effects (the EF-235 LIquid Fuel Engine).


    And here is a lander that I built to explore the Mun (which is strangely buggy - light doesn't seem to have an effect on it)


    Engine testing at the less buggy dwarf planet Toz.


  2. Has anyone else been having problems with the latest kopernicus lighting up planets like crazy like what happened with my Intergalactic mod?


    1. ProtoJeb21


      Yes I have. When in-game, delete your planet's original cache file, then click "Update Mesh" in Kittopia Tech. It's worked for me.

    2. EricL


      It sort of works, but I think I'm going to modify the brightness curves of the other stars so they don't get in the way. :wink:

  3. While I wait for a dependency of KEP to update, I've continued working on my Intergalactic mod, now with parts!

    Behold - my first command pod.


    The textures look pixelated a bit, and there are a few bugs with the ladder, but it's a good start!

  4. Okay...the new Scatterer update seems to have broke my configs, so I'll have to rewrite them. :P

    At least the sunflares are still working!

  5. So for the past few days I've been developing a new mod called 'Intergalactic', which overhauls the stock system and adds in new galaxies.

    Here is a preview of it:




    You can also go to my youtube channel, where I will occasionally post videos of how beta-testing is going. :)