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  1. Behold Gehenna... the death trap of the Paramon system... Have fun trying to plan a mission here Additionally, working on providing compatibility with KS3P...
  2. Can we have a pic of the surface please? And how were you able to remove directional lighting in the sattelite image?
  3. This looks great @The White Guardian! Can't wait to use it! So am I right in assuming that this is compatible with other visual mods as well?
  4. You guys make part modding look easy.
  5. Completed one of the "lore" worlds in the Glacien system... Stay tuned for more
  6. Nice, I will be checking this out when it gets released! The wait was worth it
  7. Completed a few worlds in the Trinus system, Arkon and its moon Exira. Thanks to @The Cuttlefish Empire for his texturing advice and helping me debug these planets!
  8. download version 0.3 as well as the patch
  9. Wow, I always get jealous when a newbie posts a mod that has admittedly better textures than I can ever make. Amazing job on this @TheProtagonists and keep up the good work!
  10. I had a similar bug while testing my own mod. All ships in orbit around Kerbin were suddenly flung in orbit around Kerbol, which I can assume is a result of moving Kerbin to orbit a different celestial body. Blame the Laytheans for this outrage!
  11. WEEKLY UPDATE So for the past few weeks, I've been wrapping up the Kerbol system and starting work on the Trinus system, Kerbol's second-closest neighbor (because trinary systems are always the best ). Not much else to be said here, so... Very glitchy at the moment, but I'll try to fix it. Additionally, I have been working on a complete overhaul of Kerbin. This new world features a large supercontinent and a vast ocean. I would describe it as... a very cool desert world, with some vegetation near the northern and southern ice caps. And as you can see, a skybox has also been implemented. Visuals optimization will come next after I've completed the Kerbol and Trinus systems. Stay tuned!
  12. Looking good! Can't wait to visit them when Part 2 comes out!
  13. This pack is looking great so far! Keep up the good work!
  14. My own framerate is ~25 fps with only about 50 planets installed...shows how bad my computer handles large mods. And my GameData:
  15. So after a monthlong hiatus I've decided to continue development of the mod. It's been going pretty smoothly so far, as I have been working on biome maps and science definitions for this next update of Kerbal Exoplanets. Additionally, @The Cuttlefish Empire has agreed to help me make visuals for the mod, also coming in 0.4!
  16. Nice job at reviving the mod! I look forward to what's going to be added next!
  17. Nice work on the fairings! Can't wait to try out the new features and save myself the effort of getting the mapping just right...