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  1. Flying above Jool The Kraken's lurking nearby Explosions ring out
  2. WEEKLY UPDATE I'm very very close to finishing up the Kerbol system! Although, I'm thinking of a very large overhaul to Kerbin itself, changing it so there's some more variety (as in starting out on a completely different world like in the Suthe mod). Additionally, I'm working on EVE + scatterer configs for the various atmospheric bodies in the system. And with Kerbol almost complete, I've started moving on to different star systems and also worked on other things - particularly the lore. So the development of various "lore systems" is another main part of mod development. These lore systems will focus on providing a few planets to explore while also telling a backstory of the mod (which is still very WIP). I also plan for these planets to be very packed with easter eggs and a few other goodies. Anyway, that's it for now! Please leave a comment down below for any suggestions or feedback for how I'm doing for this mod! Stay tuned!
  3. @Ciro1983811 To implement the suggestion you propose, the mod will need to be (almost) completely rewritten in order to accommodate the changes taking place when you reparent Kerbin around a different star, and KEP isn't designed for creating a Kerbal Galaxy. If you want something like this feature, check out KSS or my other mod Intergalactic.
  4. WEEKLY UPDATE Been working a lot on the mod lately, and also I almost finished the Kerbol system, just need to add a few...minor...moons to the gas giants. I have also been experimenting with axially tilting planets using EVE clouds and using Blackrack's ring shaders which are built in to Kopernicus. Also trying out different combinations of PQS mods to generate planets so I wouldn't have to hand-make the textures myself. In other news, I added a few sunflares to some of the different stars (still very WIP for now, so no screenshots ) and clouds to the gas giant exoplanets (also WIP). Stay tuned!
  5. Interesting... this reminds me of a quaternary star system...
  6. Yay, AfK is released! I'll especially be trying out the new Reaper.
  7. Wow, this pack looks great! Keep up the good work!
  8. Jool is a terrestrial planet now? Let me guess: The expansion of Kerbol caused Jool to lose most of its atmosphere, and left the core behind? Anyway, good work with this mod! I'll be uploading screenshots from the pre-release shortly.
  9. @StarCrusher96 You should probably update the changelog in the OP...
  10. Nice work, would love to see the new improvements to the other planets!
  11. Just out of curiosity, what are these requirements? Re-upload the output_log? The error file doesn't really help...
  13. Got home, opened up KSP with KSS 0.7, and... I can positively say I'm stunned at how much effort and improvement was put into the mod. Just two releases earlier (0.5) you were struggling with lighting issues! Anyway, keep up the good work, and I will definitely play part 2 when that gets released! A few screenshots I would like to share:
  14. No update this week, as I've been working on my parts mod (Exoplanetary Exploration Technologies). I might have some time to catch up on development today, though.
  15. I believe @StarCrusher96 was able to make a nebula using scatterer... I just don't know how he did it.
  16. After a long hiatus on part development, I've decided to get back into developing my part mod (Exoplanetary Exploration Technologies). I'm also starting to test this in Intergalactic, because after all this mod is designed to work with planet packs (that add exoplanets)!



    An engine with custom effects (the EF-235 LIquid Fuel Engine).


    And here is a lander that I built to explore the Mun (which is strangely buggy - light doesn't seem to have an effect on it)


    Engine testing at the less buggy dwarf planet Toz.


  17. That's a...pretty big change. Tell me, why did you decide to change the name at all? Just wondering. And congrats on the release of part 1! I can't wait for part 2!
  18. I know it's a little early for this, but... I'm very slowly starting to add the visuals into the mod! Currently, many bodies in the Kerbol system, as well as Kepler-296Ad, has scatterer support. I'm also planning on adding some clouds to 296Ad, after I complete the graphic overhaul of 296Ab. Here's a screenshot! Kerbin and its moons
  19. Looks interesting, what will this mod add (or what does it change in the Kerbol system)?
  20. Hi everyone. I just added the 0.3.1 patch (sorry about the overdue release). In this edition: - fixed contract bugs - added some sunflares to the other stars Keep in mind that this is a patch, and should be installed by unzipping and pasting over the previous version of Kerbal Exoplanets. You can download this patch from the normal download link. (Curseforge)