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  1. WEEKLY UPDATE Progress on the mod has been a bit slow, what with school and everything, so... here's the scoop. The Kerbol system is almost finished! All I need to add is Poseidon (Neptune analog) and its moon Krion (Triton analog) and the main bodies of the system should all be complete! I'll still need to alter the remaining stock bodies, which are Moho, Eve, Gilly, Kerbin, Mun, and the moons of Jool. The Kepler-296 system has been added, with 2 planets - 296Ab and 296Ad (thank you to @ProtoJeb21 for his post in the Whole Solar System thread ). Nothing much more to be said here, apart from the fact that I'm in the progress of creating the other 3 planets in the system (and giving 296Ab a makeover ). And that's about it! Small update today, but it's good progress! Paramon (the hot Jool) and all its moons. Stay tuned!
  2. I'm making a video of that right now, actually... I'll add it to the OP as soon as it's finished.
  3. I was just wondering... is it okay if I use the system from IA-Revived as a sort of base to develop the system from? It's understandable if you decline.
  4. Hi everyone, As I continue developing my mod Intergalactic, I'm starting to wonder... what's the best method of texturing a planet? Procedural? SpaceEngine? Or simply drawing it from scratch on programs like Gimp? I'm just asking for your opinion on how I should go about doing this.
  5. Wow, these are some very good findings! Also, what telescopes do you have access to over on Exoplanet Explorers?
  6. Anyone have any ideas on what real-life systems I can put in here? Currently I have Kepler-62 and Kapteyn's star. (Tagging @ProtoJeb21) ---------------------------------------- In other news, I have decided to start doing a weekly progress report, so people can see how the mod is progressing! So... The Kerbol system revamp is going quite well, I hit a few snags early on but it's good now! Currently 2 out of 3 gas giants have been added, and all planets in the Kerbol system has at least 1 moon orbiting. There's also the lore, but I'm not going into that just yet. The Kerbal Galaxy itself can be described as barebones, at the most. Currently only 5 systems are orbiting the central black hole (because there was a huge lighting issue when I added an inner cluster of stars) but I plan to add more after I finish with the Kerbol system. Kandromeda, the other galaxy, will be just another boring old black hole until I have the time to add some systems around it. Stay tuned!
  7. @alex_1313 @Sigma88 I've found the issue: By looking at the configs, I've found that you need to add a ScaledIntensityCurve and an IVAIntensityCurve to Kerbol, and increase the range. Your result should look like this:
  8. Looks like some good planets there. Those are some good looking planets. Have you added clouds to Mesmo? Nice progress you're making here, too. Just don't go too fast - or else you may miss a bug or something.
  9. Goodbye Cassini. We'll never forget the contribution you made to science. Next stop: Neptune! (or Uranus, maybe )
  10. I added the development playlist for Intergalactic, for those who want to see the mod in action. NOTE: These videos are outdated (back in the days of Kopernicus release 4) so it is in no way like how the mod is now!
  11. @DMagic Nice tutorial, but it's a little confusing. For example, how do you make the scripts? Do you make them in one big cs file or create them separately? (in either situation, Unity complains about not being able to find the IExample interface) And some feedback: I prefer the tutorials that provide base code, which you can modify later to your needs
  12. Thank you to everyone for the enthusiasm in this mod, it's greatly appreciated and keeps me motivated! No, this isn't possible because of the way KSP handles physics. But it does seem like a good suggestion to Squad (if they decide to change the physics engine at all). Since 0.3, the scatterer planets (Germy and Fungler) are not tests anymore, and I'm planning to add sunflares to the other stars in the next update (hopefully... ). I'm pretty sure the basic version (the one provided by Curseforge) can handle 4 GB ram, but I don't know about the visuals... Nice screenshot
  13. Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were trying to change Kerbin's name also...
  14. Hi everyone, I'm getting some problems with the scatterer sunflare not showing up on one of my custom stars, and seems to produce a glitching effect around the star (shown as an orange band). I have no idea what's causing this, although my other star worked just fine with a sunflare. Here's my log: and here's the config:
  15. Really? This code seems to work: //for changing Kerbin when moving it @Kopernicus:FOR[Intergalactic] { useOnDemand = false Body { name = Kerbin flightGlobalsIndex = 3 orbitIndex = 0 finalizeOrbit = true cacheFile = Intergalactic/Cache/Kerbin.bin Debug { exportMesh = true update = true } Template { name = Kerbin //clone Kerbin removeAllPQSMods = false } Orbit { referenceBody = Kerbol } } } Thanks! I'll try that out!
  16. You don't need to. I've been doing procedural planets lately, and they seem way better than the Kittopia-SpaceEngine hybrids I've been doing up to now. (And I can't hand-draw textures easily due to the fact that I'm not an artist )
  17. Wow! Looks very good! Will be giving this thread a follow, and see how it turns out. How about deleting Kerbin and create a clone of it? And reparenting the clone around whichever body you choose? (I used the 'template' node for this) Wait, how do you scale sunflares? Does it have something to do with the flareSettings or spikeSettings?
  18. Sorry, I must not have been going over the configs. I'll try to release a small fix later.
  19. That updated Kerbin looks nice! ...and what is this refreshed Kerolon System? Are you adding new planets to it or something?
  20. Yes, that is what this mod will do. But I'm going to start off with adding just one galaxy for now.