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  1. Thanks again. I never really intended to use it for the Mun anyways and landed a smaller version (minus the science lab, therefore minus some fuel and engine weight as well) a few minutes ago, though it was a basketball landing that took out my landing gear, my lights and all my science aside from the Jr I slapped on it. Also took out my comms. So useless landing that will not count(fro me) in it's miserable, laying sideways state, but closest to successful yet. I used the stairstepping and a little unexpected and not sufficient suicide burn. The mods will be for later use if they are as
  2. Hey folks, I haven't even started at that landing yet, as I discovered a glaring issue with my science probes floating all over the place and gained myself a massive (to me anyways) 800 science, so I've been playing with that. In the meantime, a friend suggested mechjeb2 very strongly, suggesting I learned enough and it's time to make things more functional. Of course, now I have a question from my useless computer mind. This may not be the place for it, so just tell me to go to hell if so. I installed it and it's in my inventory and I've even attached it, but I have no idea how to make
  3. Thanks everyone. I had a quick skim through and immediately saw a few interesting pointers. Been busy, so sorry for the late response. The Mun will be mine!
  4. Hi all, I'm playing without mods or upgrades and I've taken the long road to this point, but the result is that I don't struggle with construction according to purpose after so many hours of trial and error. I can get to the Mun off a 2 stage burn into my initial Kerbal orbit and leave myself with an entry stage that gets me slowed below 100 m/s and I can keep that from around 50000m to 10000m. I have enough fuel to likely do what's needed in that stage, but its around this point that I can't seem to find a balance between coming down at a survivable speed and sending myself back out agai
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