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  1. You are right but a front force on the front part will be grater than back force on back part in this design and the front force will work as a brake to stop the system in normal again. I also have done many experiments on a perpetual machine and it will work so I think that Newtons laws are going to break. I would like to know that can I post my concept in this thread regarding a perpetual motion machine or not to convinced you that there are some mistakes in Newton Laws to clear your doubts.
  2. Dear Sir,just do a simple experiment .Take a Rubber band and try to stretched it with your hands and it will be stretched .Now take the help of an another person to catch this stretched rubber band in middle with the help of fingers .now release the right part of the rubber band but remember the left part of the rubber band must not be released( still in stretched position) only released the right part .when you will release the right part of the rubber band then the person will feel a propelling force working on pushing his fingers in left direction of stretched rubber band.this is very simp
  3. you all are right but I have a question that suppose if the iron balls could reduce its velocity with itself and hit with electromagnet with low velocity then this engine will move or not? suppose the iron ball is expelling with 5 meter/second speed from Gun system and is hitting the electromagnet or a wall with 2 meter /second velocity then this device should work or not? If a object is out from a system then it will be not a part of the system. suppose I and you are standing on a roller skating and there is 10 meter distance between us .I stand on the front part and you sta
  4. Dear Sir, In this sketch there is a GUN SYSTEM as a propellant chamber and we are using IRON BALLS as a propellant. An electromagnet is attached on the other side of this engine .When we fire these IRON balls with the help of this gun system then these balls will move towards forward side and a back force will be create to propel this engine . These iron balls will be piled up on the surface of this electromagnet and we can again reuse these iron balls and send back these iron balls into the propellant chamber or refilling the Gun system again and again with the help of a mechan
  5. Sir, I will tell you that where I'm confused but please comments on this second concept.
  6. please read it carefully that in first part of this engine the rubber band 's A and B both parts are moving in forward direction and second part of this engine is working also as a pushing system and counter opposite force. Please pay your attention on the work of first part .this engine is not as simple as you are imaging and I also have physics knowledge and after reading Newton's law I posted this Idea on this forum. Sir,please tell me that why this Idea shouldn't work if you have read it carefully .Both parts in this engine are working separately with same timi
  7. I don't have have technical resource to develop a working model but if someone in this forum has technical sources then he can try it and it will work ..
  8. Just try this Idea with some rubber bands you will find out your answer but but the front part must go in forward direction .
  9. you can do a very simple experiment to know the feasibility of this design and it will work .
  10. Dear Sir, I have done some experiment on this Idea and it will work definitely. if you have some technical sources to develop this tech then try it and you will find out that it will work .I want to ask you that if this idea works on the earth surface then why this should not work in space even it will work better in space vaccum.If you read carefully then find that momentum is changing.
  11. There will be no need of on-board propellant in this technology (Zero Fuel Technology). MECHANISM:There will be two part of this engine. The first part will move freely in a cylindrical tube but second part will be stable. Two motors will be fixed in this engine as per the diagram. The (1) motor will work to press the first part towards the front side while (2) motor will work to press the second part towards backside. Two lever system will be attached with each motor.These levers will work to press their side springs when both motors will move. There will be Pull Back system attac
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