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  1. I used to have graphic mods (EVE and SVE in that case) that worked fine but I had to delete them as I updated KSP to 1.3.1. I've been trying to install these mods back, but with no success so far. When I install EVE and SVE into GameData, no patches are applied to KSP. When I install EVE and EVE configs, Kerbin looks fine in the main menu (clouds) but when I play, a white orb covers Kerbin...
  2. Well I've already updated to 1.3, I still got KSP in 1.2.2 in my old computer but I think I'm still gonna stick to 1.3, since of all four mods I was using, just one (Reentry Particle Effect) hasn't been updated yet... I can wait until this one aswell as other mods I might download later, get updated. I recently played KSP again and things have improved a lot, I only get a yellow timer when flying large ships. I downloaded from the KSP website.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Well I only had four mods installed, which are EVE, SVE, Reentry Particle Effect and Scatterer but I deleted them as I updated by game to 1.3. I had realized that for 1.2.2 I had the 32 bit version of the games so I made sure to download the 64 bit version : things have slightly improved, the timer still remains yellow most of the time. Here are my computer specifications : https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05310180
  4. It has been one month now since my game has been running slow ; I originally thought the issue was my computer that was aging. But I recently bought a new one (not because of KSP of course but because it was quite old) and first thought everything would be resolved : in fact it remained quite the same ; at least my computer doesn't tend to overheat like my previous one. Basically, when I say KSP is running slow, I mean the mission timer is ALWAYS yellow, at least until I get into space, and even up there, the timer is often yellow. The time passes by 2 to 4X less than its normal rate, making it somewhat challenging and upsetting to fly my ships. I apologize in advance for the possible mistakes as I'm French. Here's my KSP folder :
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