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  1. Hey i think i figured it out. you were right my friend it was about directions i think. i attached sattelites from engine side by making the engines root. and it worked. thanks a lot. have a nice day
  2. to attach subbassembly i had to make a a radial attachment nod the root part. so i should find a way to attach from the engines or?
  3. Hello dear friends. I am a casual player and i am trying to create Duna relay network. i assembled a simple relay sattellite in subassembly and attached 4 sattelite to my launch vehicle with its own probe control. My problem is: in orbit when i try to relase my satelites they become buggy. they have no control or they are stuck to launch vehicle and they are unresposive. i can not activate their engine unles clicking to their engine and selecting activate. they have no direction control and in orbital map they have no orbit specifics . i am quite bummed and have no answer. i would realy appreciate any help all relay satelite have antennas probe cores with full batteries and solar pannels.
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