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  1. [1.3] ♦ Chaka Monkey 1.3 Collector's Edition

    I installed the mod and there was NO ORION POD.
  2. [1.3] ♦ Chaka Monkey 1.3 Collector's Edition

    i down loaded it and everything else loaded but not the orion
  3. [1.3] ♦ Chaka Monkey 1.3 Collector's Edition

    theres no orion capsule
  4. your most painful ksp moments

    also one of the most painful moments was when my second mun ship ever fell over thanks to its huge sas wheel i got it back up
  5. Your PROUDEST moment in KSP

    When i landed on the Mun 3 times in a row using 3 rockets
  6. your most painful ksp moments

    My first ever Mün landing also was in dark. Still nailed it.
  7. You know the SSTV pyramid? Yeah the one on Duna. I know that this has probably been solved but i have been thinking about an explanation to the image which comes up when the signal the pyramid emits is decoded. As someone said before it shows an group of unknown characters looking at a pyramid. Everyone talks about that in the picture looks like the pyramid is sending something to a celestial body but an arrow points at the pyramid so the pyramid might have caught a coded message (like the disc on the Voyagers) telling about a civilisation and started emitting it. This also means that NovaSilisko might have something to do with this. As his plan was to include the signal, The Magic Boulder and maybe the saucers at Kerbin and Mün to the thing about a long dead civilisation until he left the dev team. Then he left behind a lot of secrets. Quote about this to tell your thoughts! And also the pyramid might be a hidden relay of the old civilisation
  8. The earliest versions of Kerbal Space Program

    thank you. these are the only download link that work out of all of the ones on the internet in 2017
  9. i have been thinking about buying a Mac mini with 2.6 ghz intel core i5 and intel iris graphics 5100 so i wonder will it run ksp just fine
  10. my lenovo thinkpad x230 with 8gb ram 256gb ssd intel core i7 3520m and intel hd graphics 4000 so it might run on lowest graphics
  11. Fastest aircraft possible

    It went 1400+ m/s before left engine mount blew up. Rip dude. But Colossus 2 is in development.
  12. Fastest aircraft possible

    I have not yet tested the Colossus' max speed on level flight.
  13. Real life commercial airplanes

    Oh sh** i forgot to mention that trijets are also allowed.
  14. Hello every ksp player and merry christmas! This is an challenge for you all! The idea is to build a real life commercial airplane. It wont matter if it is a cargo plane, passenger plane or business jet. Rules: No mods only MechJeb or some kind of navigation or autopilot allowed. No cheats or debug menu 2,3,4,6 or 8 engines only Put a screenshot from runway, at flight, at destination and while landed back at KSC Things to do: Normal mode:fly to airstrip Island and back Hard mode: fly to south pole and back Super Hard mode: Impress me Have a good time flying m8
  15. KSP Weekly: Farewell John Glenn...

    Well, an memorial should be cool but a kerbal made with ksp 1.2 debug menu kerbal creator is still better.