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  1. Agree, great mod, great developer, just needs a tweak to make it right. Thanks all for everything you do.
  2. Many many thanks this mod rocks. I am also having some issues with electricity drain. Question, how do I do this:
  3. JEM : Jool 5 - The Hard Way - Mission Complete!

    This is just great my jool 5 mission planning was heavily influenced by this
  4. Warzouz, love these designs! they've saved two different career saves from the money death spiral. I've noticed in 1.2 that I have to enable autostrut and rigid attachment, and I usually have to go 1 or 2 sizes bigger than their weight allowance. Not a big problem if you are recovering them almost everytime! Unless I am really tight on money I usually turn the boosters around and de-orbit right after the insertion burn, semi-SpaceX style.
  5. This is an old part but question, where exactly would this code need to be added? The . Cfg file?