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  1. This mod is absolutely fantastic! I am a huge fan. Happy plowing through all of the planets in 1.7 Question, how compatible is this with Outer Planet Mod? I know OPM has an EVE bolt-on visual enhancement, but it lists Scatterer as a dependency in CKAN which I know doesn't play well with this mod.
  2. I agree with the others, this mod is amazing and the modders deserve all the thanks they get and more.
  3. I'm glad someone put a Moon landing on page 1969, awesome
  4. Now that's pretty cool. I wonder if there's a way to add ballast tanks to make a submarine rover?
  5. I've used ReDirect for some time, great parts but no IVA yet. I play historical progression and tend to upgrade to Orion late in the Apollo program. Great trucking six kerbals to the moon, also great having room to pick up rescue kerbals. Unfortunately I just did a reinstall with the expansion and can't seem to find it in CKAN anymore
  6. An old report but great! Thanks for sharing. I keep coming back to this game as you mentioned in your first post, wondering if that's still the case.
  7. How do you make those screenshot banners? Looks cool!
  8. This mod is great! Long time user, first time poster. Question, the CLEAVER engine is beyond cool, my only trouble is it feels like a cheat. I slapped it onto a nearly stock space shuttle with a only about 1000 units of liquid fuel and made 90,000m before flameout! I used hardly any fuel also. Question, I put the RAPIER and CLEAVER part files side by side, but I can't figure out what the discrepancy is. Is the ATM curve off or perhaps fuel use? I am thinking a small cheat will keep the CLEAVER effective but make it the same challenge to get to orbit as a RAPIER powered ship. Again, love the mod and thank you to all of the modders out there. As they say in Squad's home town, Saludos!
  9. Well said and I agree. Thank you on behalf of a grateful Kerbal nation
  10. Hmm, is that the "SUB" button? I can't get it to turn off or on, it stays green
  11. Thanks so much figured it out. I had to point it at my Steam screenshots folder. Next question, how do I tell this mod to not use the thumbnails subdirectory in my Steam screenshots folder? Many thanks in advance this mod changes what had been a rough load time into a great slideshow
  12. Love this mod! Question is there a way to randomize screenshots with each new load? Playing a heavily modded game, load time is pretty long would be great to get new screenshots each time I start a game Thanks!
  13. I can safely say I am excited about this mod, thanks so much for putting work towards it, clearly a labor of love Unusually difficult finding a mod with an authentic Orion capsule Wishing you and all modders the very best.
  14. By the way, o7 to all modders who put this together. I got the new expansion, haven't really touched the new missions this is where it's at