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  1. Granted. The parts that are added is small useless fins and rockets that have like 1 thrust. I wish I could actually get to the Mun and back!
  2. One quick question. What system requirements would I need to use this mod? Thanks.
  3. After forgetting that there is a forums page for ksp I missed such great mods?!! I HAVE TO DOWNLOAD!
  4. I wish to OWN THE INTERNET! And I wish for a strong wifi signal.
  5. Granted! You found out it's fake and it looks like a real apple! I wish we were 99% banana! (Did you know we're 50% banana?)
  6. Granted! From how scary it was he had to go to a therapist. I wish there was no fall damage in real life!
  7. Granted! You're bored out by how accurate they are! I wish for free candy!
  8. Granted! You decided to rob a bank then got arrested! I wish for a private jet
  9. Granted! Your teleportation corrupted and you became a monster! (I wanted to make a Portal reference so bad) I wish I could breathe underwater!
  10. Granted! the change of mass affected storms and etc on our planet making it a harsh world.
  11. I wish to get everything for free. Whoops I accidently made a separate comment /:
  12. Granted! As your insurance found out about your wealthiness because you saved money, they decided to increase bills making you poor.
  13. There is a mod called "Kerbal Alarm Clock" found Here.
  14. GRANTED! leftovers will fill the Earth leaving us with 1 option to burn it all causing global warm- wait isn't that actually happening? Also, we got another option is to send it into orbit but it wastes materials and money.
  15. Granted! You have to take care of it and protect it from Star Destroyers! I wish to be first at everything! (Also @SAS123 bravo you beat me...)
  16. I wish I had more RAM so I can use visual mods (Idk if this is hard to corrupt)
  17. Create a new part, but just search up a tutorial first so you know how to...
  18. Depending on mod I'm sure it's compatible (If you have Dmp for 1.2.2 it will not work as far as I know of.) Also I'm sure K.S.P. will tell you which is compatible and which is not.
  19. What I did today is go through the trouble of making a replica of a plane, and trust me it was a pain anyway the plane is Here.
  20. NaN: Try to go far out of the Kerbol system, then attempt to get back if possible.
  21. I cant D: so if you can post the stream on youtube or any other page.
  22. What I did today (Actually it was 2 days ago) was attempting to land on the Mun, but I time warped to fast and ended up in orbit around the sun /: Great story isn't it?
  23. Sure when's the next time you stream? Also yeah I couldn't even comment because I don't have an account for twitch /: yeah i'm making one now.