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  1. The garbage collection is definitely the culprit with Kerbalism's frequent stuttering. People seem to think this is just a part of the mod, though. This didn't happen before KSP 1.5. Something happened in that patch and still persists in 1.6, and Kerbalism has yet to clean up the mess. I, personally, can't continue to support a mod that so egregiously compromises performance. This mod is going to die a slow death if nothing is done about this problem..
  2. So, I guess, we all just have to live with MicroFreezing if we want to use Kerbalism? If that's the case, I will just have to abandon the mod... I really hate to do that as I've waited 6 months for this issue to be resolved already.
  3. I've tried manual install and CKAN. I've tried a lot of stuff, tbh. I really want to play 1.6 but my main save is integrally tethered to Kerbalism and I don't want to change that. If something can't be done to change the stuttering, though, I will be forced to because it's pretty damn jarring. Like I said, it only really happens in the SPH/VAC, but it's so prevalent that it's really hard to ignore. You can affect the garbage cleanup with MemGraph, but that just makes the stutter more spread out, but also more egregious. I really hope there's a way to fix this.
  4. I've had this EXACT problem. It didn't happen before 1.5 and I was hoping it would be fixed in 1.6, but it isn't. I've asked in the Kerbalism thread, but I've yet to get a response. I'm sorry that I can't offer any help, but if you do find a fix, let me know.
  5. I get microfreezes with Kerbalism installed. They only happen in the builder, VAC or SPH. I've uninstalled every other mod except this one, so there's no question what's causing it. The game is super smooth without Kerbalism. Is this a common problem? Is there anything I can do? I'm using 1.6.1 and the latest Kerbalism. It seems to be an issue with Garbage Collection. What I don't understand is why I'm getting these freezes and most other people aren't. I found someone with the exact same problem posting in the 'technical difficulties' section, but he's got no answer either. We have very dissimilar hardware also, with at least 16GB ram, so I don't think it's hardware related. If anyone has a clue here, I'd be grateful for some insight.
  6. This is exactly what I've been saying ever since Making History released. The next expansion needs to focus on something that mods can't already address. Mods can't really affect the surface of planets and everyone knows planets basically suck. They're devoid of interesting characteristics besides their general aesthetics, so after you visit once, you never feel the need to visit again unless it's to fulfill some science obligation. Squad really could do a lot to flesh out planetary bodies and make them interesting to explore. They could make scanners less powerful and force you to only scan portions of planets for a long time in order to find points of interest which you could then more closely investigate with probes or kerbal landings. That kind of interactivity would be so much more interesting than the current, generic format. You could also leave Kerbals on a planet with a science base for a year or two in order to do long-term experiments that only apply to specific areas found with in-depth scanning with satellites and probes. I would love to see other planetary bodies be just as interesting as Kerbin, if not more. I would love to see Squad give us a reason to staff outposts on other planets/moons other than just generic science points. They could actually allow portions of the tech tree to only be studied through offworld planetary laboratories. We could find interesting features on Duna, land near the site and setup a research outpost to develop future-tech. There are plenty of ideas for improving the planetary bodies, I just really want them to consider making them interesting because right now, theyr'e just not...
  7. I honestly don't mind, it barely affects me. Just glad they're getting rid of a terrible system. They're not just giving you the option of disabling it, they're abandoning it because it is/was demonstrably worse than Kerbnet or RemoteTech.
  8. For the Better. The Kerbalism signal method was terrible. It was a worse version of Kerbnet... I'm glad they're finally getting rid of it so I don't have to manually disable it every time I install.
  9. I like the idea of the Making History expansion, it's a totally different take on Kerbal which adds a lot of new playability. I just hope that they're not "done" with Kerbal after this expansion (unless it's to make Kerbal 2). If they're not done I would expect another expansion to focus more on what already exists within the scope of the game. Interstellar would be ridiculous as there's no scientific basis for it so one of the other huge impact points would be iterating upon the planetary bodies. There's so much that could be done and also intertwined with the "Making History" Mission Builder. The Planetary Bodies themselves are the most underwhelming portion of Kerbal and I really hope that before they consider this game "Complete" they expand upon their limited features.
  10. It's pretty dumb that such an important part of the ISS IRL is totally negated in KSP. Lame... I always wondered what the point of them was, I just never used them due to lack of necessity. It would be nice if there was some use for parts that already exist in the game in various sizes and strengths..... Seems like they could make this part of 1.4. It can't be intentional to have made all of these parts that have no use at all..
  11. KSP is my favorite game of all time, no doubt about it. It's a rare game that rewards learning and makes science FUN. It's done more to advance scientific literacy in those exposed to it than any documentary, movie, or any other type of media; a true masterpiece in that regard. One area where it falls woefully short is the detail of it's celestial bodies. Planets and moons are fairly uniform rocks in KSP. There's no flora/fauna (besides trees...). There are no "habitats" or distinctive features of any kind within a planet/moon. The bodies themselves are distinct from one-another but no variation exists between regions besides very broad traits like flat terrain, bumpy terrain, liquid terrain. I don't want to say the game needs alive ecosystems, that would be a ludicrous task for an entire solar system of massive planets, but I'd love to experience the sort of exploratory exhilaration that exists in a game like Subnautica. KSP is so much more broad, and therefore necessarily would be infinitely less dense, but Squad could still infuse the planets with a sense of wonder apart from "yay I got here". TLDR: My dream for KSP is for an expansion that focuses on fleshing out the planetary bodies, adding regional characteristics that are more focused than what exists now. Some planets would obviously still be very bland (like our moon) but on every world there should be interesting things to find if you looked hard enough or maybe built some machines to search for (satellites to scan down regions of interest, and then probes to narrow the search, then rovers or manned craft to find the object or whatever the find might be). Maybe they could tie it to scientific discovery where you're searching for unique features that would advance understanding of the planets and may unlock further research. I think KSP has the greatest sense of wonder in gaming until you actually get where you're going, then it's a bit underwhelming, giving you little reason to come back (other than arbitrary contracts or personal goals). KSP could expand infinitely on that sense of exploration that so imbued it when we all first landed on the Mun. I'd also like to see costs for sending Kerbals offworld, thereby promoting the use of probes instead of doing everything in person. The worlds as they stand are bland and fairly featureless, I would pay a lot to see that change.
  12. i was hoping there were more mods that run the processes for things that you're not directly looking at. Drag only works on the ship you're focused on along with Electric Charge, Heat Build-up (i think), Occlusion, etc. I know CPU would become a concern with lots of stuff simulated but I'm ok with that. If anyone knows of a mod or mods that help to run these processes while you're in tracking station or otherwise away from focus, I'd be very interested.
  13. I've been looking for a mod to rectify this oversight in the stock game. I found a couple that address it but not singularly. I'm looking for a way for the game to monitor EC consumption even when I'm not focused on the ship in question. Atm if you switch to Tracking Center EC remains static until you come back to the ship. This fact renders the new Hibernation mechanic basically useless. If anyone knows of a mod that would do this (without doing 27 other things 'kerbalizer') I would love to know. It's been a glaring oversight in this game for a long time.