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  1. just wonderful, I don't know how I lived all these years without this mod. Thanks Drew.
  2. Stupid question Nº2 (for sure/very probably or already asked): I noticed when you move a part with the move tool in snap mode it relocate 0.200 units in the desired direction. Is it posible to fine tune that amount to 0.1 or 0.05 ?
  3. I recently take knowledge of this mod and it is amazing but I would like to ask about an issue I am having. The cost of the small tank increased from 1000 (without SimpleConstruction) to 31000 in the ore, metal and rocket parts configurations and 6438 for the jumbo. Are this prices correct?
  4. Wow that was fast, thanks Nertea now all woks fine with no issues.
  5. Thanks Streetwind, here is the list of the mods i am using: I was unfamiliar with the Worldstabilizer mod, I installed it to see what happens and it does the same thing but after the warp up all returns safe to the launch site instantly (?). Using Restock and restock plus only the warp happens the same as here: and if the build is big it crackens.
  6. Hi, I am having an issue with the revamped landing struts, when i time warp at any launch site with extended gear, after the warp is complete the vessel warps vertically even if it is attached to the stability enhacers. If the legs are "up" this does not happen. Thanks, the mod is beautiful.
  7. Thanks i thought it was a problem with the graphic card configuration.
  8. Hi, Im having this issue flying at low altitude. a kind of "watermark line" near the botom of screen. subir foto It is only vissible when flying very close to the ground. I have an nvidia video card (GTX660) (drivers updated) running KSPx64 configured at maximun quality. Steam version (1.2).
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