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  1. Hey @DECQ. Great mod! I may be doing something wrong but when I open the craft file or try to build the Saturn V it is missing the F1 and J-2 engines as well as the parachutes. If I try to open the craft file and launch it, it says I am missing these things due to research. I have unlocked all the Research with the cheats. Can you please advise. Thanks again for such a beautiful mod!
  2. Thanks I appreciate it.

  3. First off Great mod ! I love the Saturn V. I'm having trouble with the LEM for 1.3. My Kerbals are having trouble getting back up the ladder on eva's. Any suggestions?
  4. Will the newest version of KW rocketry work in KSP ver. 1.2.2 and with MM 2.7.6? or just 1.3? Thanks!