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  1. @Drew Kerman, My guess would be that "Nominal" means "zero rads/hour"
  2. @Drew Kerman, I don't know which version of Kerbalism that screenshot is from. Can you take a screenshot in LKO? Unfortunately I do not have access to my personal computer at the moment, or I would check myself.
  3. @Drew Kerman, can you clarify please? When I have the part on a craft the current radiation level is visible in the 'Environment' section of the GUI: (image taken from the Kerbalism Wiki)
  4. Which sections did you make changes to? I'll happily jump over it to see if I notice anything that could be causing your problem. Edit: After looking at your profile, the only thing that sticks out to me is that you've used parentheses in your process titles. I'm not sure if that is the issue, but it may be worth looking into.
  5. @Andrea Galimberti In all seriousness, though, feel free to message me if you want help installing/managing your mods without CKAN. In my experience it causes more problems than it fixes.
  6. @The-Doctor, better bring spares for everything mission critical, then...
  7. @lordcirth@The-Doctor, I can confirm that using KIS/KAS to physically replace parts adds a wonderful element of realism. Nothing quite like sending a drone rocket up to rendezvous with your asteroid tug to resupply it with everything from solar panels to replacement drills and nuclear fuel (I also use NFT)
  8. @The-Doctor, can you use KIS to bring spare parts?
  9. @Waxing_Kibbous, I don't think it is currently implemented, but it may be possible to write a patch for reliability in DeepFreeze, making it much more balanced. As it stands, Deepfreeze is balanced by the amount of resources required for freezing/waking up a kerbal. If something critical fails on your ship (not a DeepFreeze part), you may have to wake up your engineer to fix/replace it. If enough parts fail, you may not be able to wake up your entire crew, or risk not being able to put someone back into stasis...
  10. Kerbalism is compatible with the DeepFreeze mod, which allows you to put your kerbals into stasis for longer flights. Watch Passengers for an idea of the implications
  11. @lordcirth, do you get the same issue when using the stock tanks switched to hydrogen?
  12. Which tanks are you using? There are multiple patches which add cryogenic tanks, and it might help to know which set of tanks is causing the issue. Do you get the same problem with all cryo tanks?
  13. @Laythe Dweller, kerbalism does not touch any of the conversion functions that other mods add, but it does add some of its own. The atmospheric sensor part allows you to harvest CO2, Oxygen, or Nitrogen from the atmosphere (configurable, 1 slot), the chemical plant is a new part that is available early in the tech tree, and only has conversion processes from kerbalism (configurable, 1 slot), and the stock ISRUs lose the stock conversion processes, but gain all of the processes from kerbalism (configurable, 2 slots for large, 1 slot for small) and also get all conversion processes added by other mods. Kerbalism processes are: Antraquinone Process: combine hydrogen and oxygen to get oxidizer (hydrogen peroxide) Sabatier Process: combine carbon dioxide and hydrogen to get water and liquid fuel (methane) Haber Process: combine nitrogen and hydrogen to get ammonia Solid Oxide Electrolysis: extract oxygen from carbon dioxide (allows you to make your oxygen supplies last longer by storing carbon dioxide produced by your ship's scrubbers and extracting the oxygen from it and dumping the carbon) Molten Regolith Electrolysis: extract oxygen from ore Water Electrolysis: split water into hydrogen and oxygen Because you can mine for water and ore, and your kerbals produce carbon dioxide (assuming you have a functional scrubber and storage for CO2), it is possible to produce both liquid fuel and oxidizer if landed in a location that has both water and ore available for mining. The wiki has most of this information, and the release notes have additional hints as to what this mod is capable of.
  14. The file that adds those functions is the default profile in Gamedata/Kerbalism/Profiles. If you want to convert between hydrogen and liquid hydrogen, you'll have to add a new process (not super simple, but if you follow the patters established in the other processes and processmanagers it should work). As for oxygen/oxidizer, they are different chemicals, and there are already chemical processes in the mod for the generation of oxygen and oxidizer
  15. the atmospheric sensor gets the ability to filter gases from the atmosphere, and the chemical plant and ISRUs have the ability to perform various chemical processes