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  1. @Torquimedes The 747 is more fun to build, and the mig-21 is more fun to fly. @MajaeV I usually play KSP when I'm tired(keeps me awake) so I usually don't pay much attention to detail.(which probably is bad)
  2. So I just made a Sukhoi PAK-FA replica and I test flew it. It flew fine until about 8000-9000m altitude when it violently rolled to the right, and it was hard to control it until down to 5000-6000m altitude. I can't provide pictures for now, as I'm overseas. I will post a picture/gif when I'm back. For now I just want to know if anyone knows what's happening and how to fix it.
  3. @Kerbal Dynamics considering we have tons of parts resembling real life rockets, we should have tons of parts resembling real life planes too. the only thing we have now are mk2 fuel tanks that somewhat resemble the sr-71 fuselage.
  4. The nose actually looks pretty okay, but the fuselage is way too short, the tail fins don't look that similar to the real life counterpart, and it's not fitted with turboprop engines(you can make them in ksp)
  5. Enjoy! (: Max Speed(with afterburner) Fully Loaded: Mach 1.06 Normal: Mach 2.3 Empty: Mach 2.8 Weight Fully Loaded: 17.863 tons Normal: 8.337 tons Empty: 6.337 tons Service Ceiling 22000-23000m Pics: https://imgflip.com/gif/1dqdty
  6. @SHiftER2O Thanks! It was a pain in the cheeks to build this, especially the engines and the bomb bays.
  7. @Jarin I made some adjustments with the engines. If I used the panther engine the thrust is random so if i fly it one day it works another day it doesn't even though i made no changes. So I changed them to juno engines
  8. Enjoy! I have a MiG-21 coming tomorrow!(might be later in the day for some people) Max speed: Mach 0.6 Pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/EA9CY https://imgflip.com/gif/1dm2ym Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0qg9nf71v53o4en/B-2 Spirit.craft?dl=0
  9. @Jarin I will be uploading it on the spacecraft exchange so be sure to look out for that! Will post a link to the thread.
  10. Turns out the thrust was blocked on the left. but not the right(weird idk why). I took out the whole engine part(intake, adapters etc) and placed them again and works fine now. Thanks! https://imgflip.com/gif/1dix24
  11. @Dreambish I requested for different engines, cockpits, nose parts, and intakes. Those are (almost) impossible to replicate as they often are of a different size and shape. If the similar parts are there, its still hard as you have to clip the wings to make your desired wing shape, clip the fuel tanks to get a desired length, etc. Maybe at least have more cockpits and engines
  12. @OddFunction I only tried disabling steering on all wheels, so I'll try that for some reason tagging isn't working so i'll just quote I tries some vertical flaps hidden in the fuselage as i'm trying to make this look as realistic as possible(i know, doesn't really look like the real thing does it) I have some in the fuselage, but it may not be enough though. It does have great yaw control besides the intense left yawing. It's able to fight back if I hold down 'D' but it spins out to the right then the left. I'll try that too.
  13. What plane should I make next? I have a MiG-19, MiG-21, Boeing 747-8 coming along.
  14. Ok, so I like making replicas in KSP, but i realised the smallest cockpits are way too big to make planes like the F-16, or Eurofighter Typhoon, and are shaped like a cylinder so its impossible to have a cockpit like the MiG-25s, and a fitting nose cone. The tail fins also need some revamping as there are only like 5 to choose from. It's also hard to make planes like the F-18 as there isn't a fuel tank and engine that is of the same size. So here are my suggestions for parts Cockpits and fitting nose cones MiG-25-like cockpit and nose cone: narrow, not circular. Nose cone to fit. Fuel tanks to fit the cockpit too. F-16 like cockpit and nose cone: small cylinder cockpit, good visuals sharp and thin nose cone. F-22/F-35-like cockpits and nosecones, with the pointy edge at the side of the nose Intakes: F-16 like intake, similar to the radial mount intake we already have, but longer. Chengdu J-10 like intakes, similar to the radial mount intake we already have in ksp, but wider F-22 like intake Wing Parts F-16 wing strake, curved Tail Fins Eurofighter Typhoon-like tailfins Fuel Tanks/Engines F-18 like fuel tanks and engines, medium sized, in between the small fuel tank and juno engine and the mk1 tanks and afterburning turbofan. engine about 40-50kn each F-35 like engine: afterburner about 90kn~ without afterburner and 150kn~ with afterburner F-22 engines similar to the b9 aerospace engine, about 100-120kn, 170-200kn with afterburner MiG-25 like engine, 70-80kn, 90-120kn with afterburner Su-27 like engines, 70-80kn each, 120-130kn with afterburner, relatively long (will add more soon, too lazy)
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