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  1. Do you run the 32bit or the 64bit version?
  2. You realize that means that the engine is out of that fairing in that case? Which means that it is not shielded since it is NOT attached to the bottom or "payload attachment" node of the fairing thus it is not considered shielded by Kerbal Space Program's aerodynamic calculations. You can not shield a mid-stage engine in that interstage fairing since it is not designed to be used that way. There is NO workaround in the stock game for shielding engines they way you want to with that part. However there is a way to make it and it is by using the mod i recommended. Since i can not explain this mechanic more clearly than that if you happened to have further questions i would suggest asking the mod author @e-dog of the Procedural Fairings mod directly on its appropriate forum thread.
  3. Everything seems in order to me. You appear to have the latest version and all of its proper dependencies. I do see some errors in your logs regarding the handling of some UI elements i don't know if it's related though. I can't help you much with that from this point. You should forward your issue to the BDArmory Continued thread with a detailed explanation of the problem, the link to your output_log.txt you provided here and also as requested by he mod author a KSP.log file which you can find in your ...Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program folder. Hope they can help with it.
  4. Nice! Unfortunately i will need the whole file not just a portion of it. It would be nice if you could upload it somewhere where i can snatch it from like google drive or dropbox etc..
  5. Like i mentioned snugging it up as close as you can isn't enough. The interstage part has 2 attachment nodes. One for decouplers and the payload attachement and one for the top of the interstage. The top node needs to be connected to something in order for the game to recognize parts connected to the bottom node as shielded. If you leave the top node open the game will think there is nothing inside the fairing. The interstage part originally is meant for ships which stack payloades on top of each other and to shield them properly they are not meant for engine covers since you can not use them for that not in the stock game at least. The game thinks in nodes and in part metadata when putting together how a vessel should handle aerodynamically. The Ferram Aerospace Research mod changes aero calculation so that the shape of the whole vessel is what matters rather then them sum of each parts properties. In which case the areo calculation will account for you shielding the engine from drag in this manner.
  6. Which version of the mod and KSP are you using then? You should also try reading the following thread: I can't help you much unless i see your output_log.txt
  7. 1st the BDArmory is no longer in development but BDArmory Continued is 2nd it's either a severely outdated version of the mod or your version number is incorrect since the oldest version i could find is v0.10.2.1 for KSP 1.1 3rd what you linked is a screenshot of part of your GameData folder which is of no use in terms of helping you identifying the problem First and foremost please read this:
  8. It shouldn't be though. Just browse around the github page and you will get the hang of it. In any case, here you can find on top the latest release of the program v1.22.6 "Guiana". You can find the program if you scroll down to the Donwloads section where you should find the ckan.exe. Download it run it and find the mod you seek.
  9. On the tutorial video there is a Magnet On/Off switch on the menu you bring up by right clicking the end of the arm. Similarly like in this video: Also make sure you have installed all of the mod's dependencies properly:
  10. I assume you are talking about the DarkMultiPlayer mod. I've never installed or played with it ever so can't help much. There is very basic documentation up on the mod author's GitHub. I suggest scrolling down and reading the README.md section and also the Wiki link on the toolbar. You may find the info you are looking for there.
  11. From what i understand from the logs you simply ran out of RAM. You should close any other applications in the background while you are running KSP. Also you should update your graphics driver.
  12. The problem is that the way you use the interstage part the game does not take it as shielded basically meaning that for the game's aero calculations it's as if that fairing isn't there at all. KSP's stock aero calculations does not account for the shape of your craft but for each specific parts own aerodynamic properties. Meaning if you don't enclose the top node of that interstage the game thinks there is nothing inside that fairing and the engine is bare open to the air for which the game's aero calculations will account drag for appropriately. The part which causes the drag is the engine. That's why you don't have drag if you don't have the engine under that tank. If you want shape based aero calculations, Ferram Aerospace Research is the mod for you.
  13. If you have the issue on stock install i would advise making a post about the issue on the unmodded thread as well. As i know Kerbal Engineer Redux is known to cause mouse click issues in the VAB and SPH back in the day, i'm not sure if they fixed the issue and if they did, did it include the fix for OSx as well. I also recall reading about many Apple products having issue with registering mouse clicks properly which is related to a control chip malfunction. You should read into that as well although i don't know if you encountered the issue in case of other programs on your device.
  14. You missed many things: First of all any info on if you are playing stock or a modded install (considering the fact you asked on the modded installs thread i would presume you play modded KSP) If you play a modded install at least a modlist or a log file containing info on the mods you are using Any reproduction steps. What you did before? How you achieved the bug? What parts you were using? etc. I would suggest reading this first: