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  1. Atkara

    If I ever make it back from Eve

    I did that some time ago -won't bore you with old screens. Aerobroke and landed like the plane it essentially was and took off like that also. But I was already using spaceplanes a lot around LKO and a good chunk of the required knowledge was there.
  2. Atkara

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I know they default to the rear door. But you can click on the top door and get them to use it, through the transfer/eva menu. Come to think of it, I was doing the same on the mobile labs, whenever I wanted a Kerbal to exit from a specific door.
  3. Atkara

    What did you do in KSP today?

    This lander can... this lander can....
  4. Atkara

    What is best strategy for start?

    I won it on a spacecraft design contest/giveaway
  5. Atkara

    What is best strategy for start?

    Then practice, practice and then practice some more. For example: Treat each rescue contract as a docking op. You'll get it sooner than you think Haven't played around with MH a lot. Only recently I've included it's parts into my playthrough -and to think that I've had the DLC for 9 months or so. You'd certainly need the 1.875m tanks, along with the Bobcat engine for the main booster stage and the SM-18 service bay. Not sure about the rest -was never interested in re-enacting the space programs of the 60s. That's not to say I wasn't listening to "When we left Earth" & "Space Race" series while playing, back in my early KSP days. But it was my own designs landing on the Mun, Minmus and pretty much everywhere else over the years. If your goal is to learn how to dock, you don't need all that jazz. Do what I proposed above with the rescue contracts, or put two simple vessels into orbit and practice. Start small and once you've gotten that, feel free to think as big as you can handle. It'll come to you
  6. Atkara

    What is best strategy for start?

    Why the sad face? Did anyone expect you to be born with the knowledge and skill? Failure is part of the learning process which, depending on who you ask, is half the fun in KSP.
  7. Atkara

    Docking Controls

    I first used them out of curiosity and ended up liking them. The reason is that they keep my left hand firmly on the WASD buttons and my right hand on the mouse, which I use all the time to check the alignment during docking/capture. You'd think that mods like docking port alignment indicator would eliminate the need (and they do) but I also work with the claw for which there's no "magic ball". With my closure rates never exceeding 1.5m/s past the 300m mark (getting down to 0.05m/s when the magnets kick in) I have plenty of time to align properly. And there's target tracking ofcourse -I speak of the function you find on the navball, readily available in sandbox and accessible by rank 3 pilots and high-tech probe cores in career. As long as your docking port isn't off-main axis (KSP guidance has some trouble with them for some reason) you can use it to offload rotation to the pilot/probe core, leaving translation to you. At this point, docking mode becomes a way to re-assign WASD buttons to translation. As I said earlier, with docking mode I barely move my hands around -but it did take some getting used to. I even dug into the configuration file and assigned the docking mode toggles to the side mouse buttons -shows how much I ended up liking it These, as far as keyboard and mouse goes, since none of this matters if you're a joystick user -you just assign translation to one of the hat switches and you're done.
  8. Atkara

    What did you do in KSP today?

    The new lander can does simplify some things, don't you think?
  9. Atkara

    VAB filters don't work?

    Saw this too. Launching without mods fixed them. Then I took out Precise Maneuver from my mods list (KSP was whining about it), which didn't improve the situation. Eventually, I narrowed the issue down (or so I think) to KerbalX and/or KXAPI earlier this morning. Removing them restored the VAB filters back to full functionality for me. Either way, they work fine now on my end. "Or so I think" was the magic phrase. It seems to be either something with Module Manager, or the way 1.6 generates it's part database -or maybe both, I don't know. The guys over at MM are looking into it anyway.
  10. Atkara

    Spaceplane reentry Thread

    I remember that one, yeah.
  11. Atkara

    A little puzzler...

    Haven't used wheels like that to be honest. Back when I was still doing modular bases, I'd just drive the modules in. But hey, it's ksp so, everything is correct
  12. Atkara

    A little puzzler...

    Blame your wheels orientation
  13. Atkara

    A little puzzler...

    Okay, here's my take: You've got a situation with a vessel/surface installation, currently resting (somehow) on a really high inclination. It seems that in order to reach the said target, your only solution is to cross that inclination on the perpendicular direction, so you're going to use the NERVs to keep the rover wheels from sliding down the slope. Judging by the docking module and what seems to me like crew modules, you're taking Kerbals off that vessel/installation and back to orbit using the NERVs, once you've gotten rid of the rover wheels. Looks like a rescue mission to me.
  14. Atkara

    landing legs bouncing?

    In addition to what has been posted so far, maxing dampers gets rid of the bouncing in most (if not all) cases.
  15. Atkara

    Kerbalnaut Personnel Directory?

    Assuming I understood the question correctly, when you accept the rescue contract, the to-be-rescued Kerbonaut does show up in your astronaut complex as assigned, even though it's not part of your roster yet. No need to open the save file for that. Check the 'assigned' tab -you'll find them there.