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  1. I went to Eeloo back in 1.05 but I didn't send one craft, to plant a flag and leave. I sent infrastructure in the form of two survey probes, a miner, a surface outpost/lab and a 8-wheeled car with an assortment of experiments. A station/orbital refinery was also on it's way. It's pretty much what I had done for Dres, Duna, Ike, Moho and the Eve/Gilly system (the latter was somewhat different, for obvious reasons, I believe) I'm currently in the process of doing it again -not with the same zeal, but getting there.
  2. My most daring rescue was without doubt, the first one I ever attempted. See, I was specifically not doing rescue contracts, since I had no clear idea how to do it -yet. Things changed when one of my own missions got stranded around the Mun. I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and go for it and guess what: I did it. Another, not really daring, but certainly more complicated than usual, was when an ion-propelled rescue ship of mine, carrying a solar orbit stranded kerbal and it's pod, entered Kerbin's SOI and circularized in high orbit (500km IIRC). I figured the whole assembly would fit on the mk3 carbo bay, which meant I could bring the whole thing back on a spaceplane. Having a claw-fitted craft already docked with one of my stations, I decided to send it over and bring the ion rescue craft in LKO. Problem: the claw craft was never rated to carry something of that mass. I would ran out of fuel if I attempted to circularize, let alone rendezvous with a spaceplane. But hey, I've got fuel drones in orbit. So: Brought the claw craft to an, as circular orbit as possible (with the ion rescue craft in tow). Fuel remaining: 0 Sent up an LfOx carrying spaceplane, met up with the fuel drone, transferred the fuel and brought the plane back. Set up a rendezvous between the fuel drone and the claw craft. In the meantime, I launched another spaceplane, with a claw and enough space to get the ion rescue craft (along with the pod and the kerbonaut itself) safely back to kerbin. The most tricky part in the whole process, was to line up the ion rescue craft properly inside the spaceplane's cargo bay -I basically had to eyeball it. Wasn't easy, but not as hard as I initially thought. In the end and after I don't know how much time, both the spaceplane and it's cargo were touching down. Was it worth it? No. And yes
  3. A couple of rescues and some mining contracts. These, while finishing fueling up an explorer ship currently in LKO, scheduled for Dres -which reminds me I still have to launch and fuel up the rest of the Dres expeditionary group (miner, surface outpost, ATV and possibly an asteroid miner too)
  4. Bringing in one of these (the spaceplane, not the ore drone) for a night reentry & landing and forgetting to deploy the landing gear on final. Good thing I had saved before touchdown Other than that, I once launched an unmanned rescue mission halfway between Kerbin and the Mun, controlled by a Stayputnik, having entirely forgotten that these things don't come with SAS. Remembered it all too well early during the launch, but decided to go for it anyway. As if this wasn't enough, I hadn't unlocked even the most basic solar panels. But that was back in 1.05, when remote battery locking/unlocking was still a thing. Managed to bring it at about 300m from the target IIRC, being too proud to time warp. Both the craft and the kerbonaut came home safe.
  5. I tried to explain the situation in the bug report. Hopefully, it will reach the developers in time to see what's going on and we won't end up with botched drill groups -again
  6. Steering and motor toggles were available for action group assignment in 1.05. Somehow they got axed when 1.1 and the new wheel system rolled out. I know this because I toured Moho, Eve, Duna, Ike, Dres & Eeloo with cars back then and I was using both toggles to deal with certain situations. The toggles are simply coming back. Now, there seems to be the same kind of confusion with the drills. Extend/retract drill toggles are back, but surface harvester options are missing from the action groups. I filed a bug report and the squad rep who replied, believes asteroid and surface harvesting modules are one and the same. I don't think this is the case and I've got miners in launch queue.