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  1. These filters have been there since 1.0.x IIRC, maybe even earlier. To access them, you need to switch to advanced mode in VAB/SPH. It's the black arrow next to the search window -where the subassemblies tab can also be found.
  2. They're still there -all of them in fact. Capsules, tanks, SRBs, everything. Hidden from the immediately visible categories, but very much visible (and usable) through the additional filters (by fuel type, size, etc)
  3. There's something to be said about starting fresh. So I began a new career earlier today in 1.5.x and Kerbostar Enterprises was born. Usual stuff, grab a little bit of science around the launchpad and runway (to get acclimated with running experiments, right? ), launch the first vessel, grab some science after splashdown, then shoot for orbit with none other than Jeb. His pod came back with a fair amount of scorchmarks, as heat shields hadn't arrived yet when he launched. Jeb though wasn't concerned -on the contrary, he seemed to like it... Valentina followed shortly after for the first E
  4. Haven't used MJ myself but, looking at the ascent guidance tab you had open for a while in that video, I'd try setting the acceleration limiter to 15m/s² (instead of it's current 40) if I was you.
  5. Hence the Mk1b variant Glad to hear these new toys are serving you well
  6. You'll see a lot of them, don't worry
  7. Ain't it grand? I remember being halfway between Kerbin and the Mun when I saw my first one. In my case, my craft's solar panels were suddenly "blocked by the Mun". After looking around, I realized what was going on -and isolated one of the batteries to keep some juice in case something happened in the meantime
  8. I don't know how he lands it -the main reason I opted for the plane solution. The cockpit does have an internal reaction wheel, but I'm not sure how well it steers by itself during the aerospike stage -Laie propably knows. As far as temps are concerned though, if you don't go Kerbal mode during ascent, you can bring this cockpit out of Eve -with scorch marks, yes. But safe. I know this well, because the only times the inline variant I use (with the same 1200°K heat tolerance) exploded, were when I was trying to determine the lowest possible periapsis for the aerobraking phase -never durin
  9. The best way I could come up with, to get Kerbals off the surface of Eve, is this: It's meant to come down almost empty, get fueled up on-site, take 3 Kerbals onboard and launch. So you need something like a miner on wheels on the surface and something to grab the upper stage and bring it back to Kerbin. But it gets the job done gloriously. With a careful ascent profile, it can extract Kerbals from Eve's Lowlands. And yeah. Eve is... what it is
  10. And here I was, wondering where would this fit... I did my first successful rendezvous and docking op... in Orbiter 2016 Granted, I had to spend the last couple of days watching tutorials on the use of the simulator's various MFDs. But with that out of the way for the most part, my experience from, propably a thousand similar ops in KSP kicked in. Set up a closest approach, met up with the ISS, aligned with the docking port I had chosen and docked. Haven't brought the bird down yet -propably tomorrow
  11. I'll try to explain, although chances are I'll confuse you more than help you. With your initial ejection burn you ensured a Jool encounter. Now that you've exited Kerbin's SOI, you need to adjust your trajectory in such a way, so that: 1. You get a prograde Jool flyby, while crossing Tylo's orbit. That's the easiest part, as it's a matter of pro/retrograde and in most cases normal/antinormal input. 2. Tylo is where you cross it's orbit at. 50% of the time, Tylo is anywhere but where you want it to be. So you make it be there. I usually start with radial out and retrograde input
  12. Went straight for the game, when 1.0 came out. Not a blind decision however, since I had already watched a number of videos and livestreams.
  13. Indeed it's there. Like yours, my ship's design principles were formulated back in 1.05. Over time, it visited anything it's lander section could touch down and takeoff from. Long term projects can do that. I'm also at that point of having lost a lot of my initial momentum and the 13MB save doesn't make things easier. So I take it easy till I get back to it.
  14. I don't think there's anything minor to whatever one does in KSP. Every single bit matters because without it, you wouldn't be doing what you do today.
  15. Nothing spectacular so far today. A rescue drone executed it's ejection burn out of Duna's orbit, bringing back a stranded pod. Also doing some driving on Vall, grabbing the science as I go. There are also a couple of detected anomalies to visit -I just haven't gotten there yet.
  16. My Vall expedition is now in stable orbit around their destination. I'll set the main camp at the Northwestern Basin, one of the two spots where the highest ore concentration can be found (in this save at least). This means inclination changes, which means: Mining/Refueling ops Oh -last night there was also this.
  17. Ran a test of what I'll do in my career save at some point: I think that's close enough, given the fact that the mission is/will be crewed. Took a bunch of other shots which can be found here, for anyone interested.
  18. Haven't seen that one happening. Stuck W key maybe? Programmable keyboard? An Autohotkey script still running? A joystick/game controller kicking in?
  19. Recovery can't be done with the landed vessel still in motion, e.g. rolling down a mountain slope. If it's splashed down, the recovery option may not show up immediately, if it's still bouncing -it does however, once the vessel comes to a relative rest. Which one of these two happened to your ship?
  20. Assuming you downloaded the proper file (DiRT_1.4.3.0.zip as mentioned above) the part that goes into your GameData folder, does contain a textures folder.
  21. As the mod author says, You download DiRT_1.4.3.0.zip -it's the first file there.
  22. You'll need Texture Replacer, or Texture Replacer Replaced. If you want a simpler solution, you can use Drop-in Replacement Textures instead. Once you've installed the solution of your choice, Texture Replacer's thread has a number of skyboxes to choose from. I think it'll be a good starting point to finding one you like.
  23. Youtube/Twitch tutorials mostly. Learned basic rocket design, launch, rendezvous, navball and basic transfers from DasValdez and gravity assists from Dr. Scott Manley.
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