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  1. Day 16 KSP Today i had some fun adding two more parts to ze' space station. Living space, food, water, oxygen and a greenhouse. The second part is a cargo/emergency evacuation pod. There are currently zero residence on the station mainly due to inadequate safety strategies available to counter space debris. I have a 0 death rating so far and i plan on keeping it that way as long as i can T_T, i named my Kerbins after names of friends. I'm hoping to add a mission package specifically for debris avoidance on the Morrow...Other than that i sent up a Duna long distance polar orbit Remote Tech sat up and hoping to send com sats in two days. -Apologies for any spelling or grammar errors,i be ze' dyslexic astronaut heh...-
  2. history physics 101 news Hope you have fun, i added some music, movies and a short story for when ja' wanna watch something after studying and cool down the brain. -movies- -short story- -music- Neat Beats - Turning on the Large Hadron Collider Arvo Pärt - Fratres Duster - Echo, Bravo
  3. Hey, love your vids! i couldn't get past remote tech without ya, that you!

    1. Sam!


      Derp...Thank you!*

    2. Grunf911


      Hehe, thx, I love playing with it, it is one of my favorite mods :-)

  4. Hey everyone, thanks for the warm welcome, I hope to be a pro lurker on this site. Love you clods~