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  1. I know your pain. It took me 4-5 hours! I had really given up and was just transferring crew between landers for the trip home when I spotted a Mun stone. My only tip (apart from turn scatter off) is to EVA up quite high and then look for tiny silvery reflections. I think some areas of the Mun are totally barren still. I searched a 3km radius from my first lander and found nothing. I found it quite amusing that the science reward for a stone was the same as the reward for a surface sample, bu itt only takes a few seconds to pick up some dirt. I feel finding special stones should give u
  2. Yeah this is a good idea. Also being able to stage in map view when your current stage runs dry would be good too. So many times I'm part way through a burn in map view and then have to switch view twice to continue the burn with an engine with different performance.
  3. Thanks guys. I'm actually running a new steam install and a new career save, and it was getting frustrating to say the least. As it turned out I put my rescue lander down about 3km west of my first lander and there was a stone within about 500m of it! I saw it from EVA about 1km away! lol
  4. Pretty please can I have an auto-run/walk button?
  5. Guys tell me how you went about finding Mun stones. I assumed I would jet pack and walk about for maybe 20-30 mins and find them but I've spent about 4 hours doing that on the east side of the East crater and have found none whatsoever. I turned scatter off early on and even wasted return fuel moving my ship so I could base out of another location 5km away. I took Bob a few kms from the ship in every direction before returning for a propellant refill but tbh I've had enough of seeing barren Mun terrain. All the science tells me I'm in the East Crater, but maybe I'm in the wrong biome? I j
  6. F5, have a go, explode. F9, have a go, explode, F9, ... and so on, success!
  7. Having started a new career from scratch I was carrying out multiple contracts at once on a flyby of the Mun, however it all went wrong when my eyeballed free return trajectory got messed up by a gravity assist on the Mun again! Bob had to get out and push to save the day. Three Kerbin aerobrakes later Bob was back (with 400 science too) and for his next trick he levitated some grass!
  8. The Steam deal obliterates the KSP store, I bought the triple there as well. Hadn’t bothered with MH previously. It also annoyed me that the KSP store advertises the price ex. VAT.
  9. Another vote for shipyard. Who knows what might live under the sea? I like the idea of a R&D revamp to add gameplay to science spending. It would be cool if you had to actually test new stuff before you knew its performance capabilities too, and that would tie in nicely to providing more relevant contracts. A testing facility as others have suggested would be cool. I also feel like a swimming pool/training simulator would be fun for Kerbals to play in.
  10. This is why they made Kerbals so stupid. When you have failed to do what you intended for the 9001st time, you can look at the stupid little green Kerbals and feel like you're at least smarter than them! Eve Online used to be insanely difficult to get started in, but last time I played the tutorial had been revamped entirely and all the noobs got grouped together in one system for some community spirit. KSP is still difficult for beginners, but you are only fighting against game mechanics and yourself rather than other players that delight in spoiling your day. There are a ton of resource
  11. One of the YouTube reviewers for Breaking Ground suggested it's possible to edit the save file to add surface features, but you would then have to check and see how ruined your surface stuff is. I think it may be a case of adding a random number into one field in the save file. (edit: and then hope for the best!)
  12. In real time that is 1700 GMT. Although I will also accept UTC, but only for the times when it is the same!
  13. K5000 powered work loader from Aliens is gonna be my first job. Followed by an Ass Blaster from Tremors and then maybe Drogon the dragon from GoT! And then I may try and build some actually useful space stuff.
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