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  1. Ever since the new updates came out, has anyone else had issues with heat build-up graphics glitch. The heat build up around the item looks sectional.
  2. I know that Drakau's Guide is available but I am going to go out on a limb here and say that it is out of date? I have not gotten the chance to play the new version yet, I will tonight, but I wanted to check out the new button mapping if there is one available? Anyone got any links? Thanks
  3. I understand you have a ton of Delta, but that is also limited to the amount of xenon you have, correct?
  4. Trying to find a reason as to why I would use the Xenon engine/fuel on a build-out. Aside from VERY small probes any other reason?
  5. Do not know off the top of my head. I can experiment with that later on today also if you want you can send me your ship and I will monkey around with it
  6. Do you have a coupler in between those tanks because if you do by default cross-feed is disabled I cannot remember if the stack separator is disabled as well
  7. Not seeing this in the Xbox version but I'll look again later on today
  8. Yes, the option of adjusting the aspect ratio is definitely needed.
  9. Going on my first asteroid capture EVER and I am experimenting with my build. It sits on four (4) Advanced Grabbing Units pointing down. Now my question is will the Advanced Grabbing Units grab the asteroid when I "land" on it. The reason I ask is because my Advanced Grabbing Units are not grabbing the launch pad when I send my ship to launch and also it did not grab the surface of Minmus when I touched down on it. Thanks
  10. What is most cost effective laptop I could buy and still run KSP on highest settings along with mods
  11. Just took this bad boy for a spin.....nice! Very jealous how it can hit Ma1 without afterburners. Got it up to Ma2.8
  12. Any ideas on why this design cannot hit Mach 1? Even leveled out I can only get to 305 m/s or so.
  13. I tried to make something where the root build was upside down and the same thing would happen to me. Once I flipped it back over, that fixed it. I think you can re-root it in the hangar but once out in the field you would have problems. Maybe there is a Mod that can re-root your ship in flight. New player myself as well.