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  1. Not sure about other controls. I'm on Cursor mode and it sets the trim if you are holding LB + a directional input. To reset hold LB+tap A button. Or equivalent for PlayStation controls.
  2. After recently coming back to ksp. I was have g the same issue. I am very well versed at rendezvous and docking, so I immediately realised it was a bug. So after searching the forums. I saw on another thread that others where having the same wierd phantom forces. Turns out it's to do with time warp. So now we need to stop timewarping before entering the physics bubble. (2km I think) I personally haven't had any problems after doing this. It just makes the final approach a bit more tedious.
  3. You should be able to avoid most Kraken attacks, by setting autostrut to Grandparent part. That way if the root part does change by adding/docking a new piece of the station. The autostrut will not move/ shift positions.
  4. Not sure what control set you are using but (iirc havent been on ksp for a while)on Xbox Cursor controls it's hold LB+ right or left on the Dpad.
  5. Yep I had the same issue when first playing ksp. You can change the aspect ratio (iirc) in the main settings. This will shrink the screen to the correct size. Hope this helps.
  6. Yeah this is another one I was not sure about. I was using play speed (I think) haven't been on for a day or so. Thanks for the advice, also I can't share craft as I am on console. Also not 100%sure how to upload a screenshot to the forum.
  7. Hope this helps. As for the throttle staying at 50%, I'm having the same issue. I haven't found a work around/solution yet
  8. Figured it out. You just use docking mode. The linear and rotational controls relate to the Custom axis' listed in the action group window. Will have to do some proper testing,but I'm thinking this could make controlling propeller type craft a lot more viable. It's a bit clunky to switch docking mode back and forth. So im thinking, if you remap normal flight controls to DM rotation and any additional robotic controls (like propeller pitch etc) to the DM linear then we should be able to just stay in DM and switch between lin/rot at the tap of a button. Atleast if you play on Cursor c
  9. Yeah I mostly design and fly rocket based missions. Probably 85% rockets and 15%planes. However I answered planes, as the question was ,what do you spend more time on? Might be different for other people, but for me , building and testing takes way longer for planes to be mission ready than rockets of similar size/complexity.
  10. No idea , still trying to figure this out. I find the lack of info regarding new mechanics/part options to be the most frustrating part. I don't think it would be as hard to wrap our heads around , with a little more info available.
  11. So I've just downloaded the Breaking ground dlc on xbox. I've put together a basic biplane using the R121 turboshaft. I'm having difficulty with throttle controls. I've seen advice on another forum ,to use the Kal 1000 to bind RPM and Torque limits to the main throttle, this seems to be working , kind of as intended. Problem is it won't throttle back down. The plane keeps trying to spin/roll due to the single engine.however I'll figure out how to sort that later. Can't even get off the ground yet . For the moment I just want to figure out how to make the Kal sequence work In rev
  12. this is awesome news. Tbh I didn't think we would get certain parts of this update,like robotics for example. Really happy we will be getting most , if not all of what is available on pc now(mods excluded of course) Not only that, I honestly expected to be waiting another 6 months or so for this to drop.
  13. Well seeing as you guys on pc have robotic parts now, how about a transformer. Each person needs to build 1 piece each to put together to form a huge transformer /robot of some kind and each piece needs to be some form of usable craft ie car, plane, tank etc.before transformation. Bonus respect if each individual piece /craft can also transform into A small transformer/robot before assembly of the huge robot. Could be a good challenge or a pc melter, lol
  14. Well i personally do a lot out side Kerbins SOI. I've been to Duna and eve multiple times. Atm I am designing a flotilla of craft to head to the jool system. Yeah I can vouch for the nightmare of having to manually fly test runs to destination orbits. But the way I go about It, means I generally only need one test flight to any given body before launching. I usually do a test flight with heaviest payload then I use the same transfer stage to other craft to be sent. Whereby I just make sure all payloads are less mass than the one tested.(ie. Relay payload,lander payload,return craft
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