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  1. Well seeing as you guys on pc have robotic parts now, how about a transformer. Each person needs to build 1 piece each to put together to form a huge transformer /robot of some kind and each piece needs to be some form of usable craft ie car, plane, tank etc.before transformation. Bonus respect if each individual piece /craft can also transform into A small transformer/robot before assembly of the huge robot. Could be a good challenge or a pc melter, lol
  2. Well i personally do a lot out side Kerbins SOI. I've been to Duna and eve multiple times. Atm I am designing a flotilla of craft to head to the jool system. Yeah I can vouch for the nightmare of having to manually fly test runs to destination orbits. But the way I go about It, means I generally only need one test flight to any given body before launching. I usually do a test flight with heaviest payload then I use the same transfer stage to other craft to be sent. Whereby I just make sure all payloads are less mass than the one tested.(ie. Relay payload,lander payload,return craft etc) However this is very time consuming and frustrating. I'm really hoping we can get the delta v calculator soon as this will take a lot of the guesswork away and mean more time actually flying missions rather than being In the simulator.(That's what I'll pretend these test flight are lol)
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah now that you mention it, I have noticed spending too long at higher altitude causes more heat with deorbits from around kerbin.(not really sure why I didn't make the same correlation with mun return). Thanks for the logic recalibration ,lol Tbh it's one of the things I love about this game/ learning orbital mechanics in general. A lot of counterintuative things to wrap your head around. I will probably need to try slowing down a bit first. And will try a few different reentry profiles . I'm not at home at the moment, but i will let you know if i am still having issues after a few attempts. Not sure what craft mass is at this point ,but its a big mk3 cargo ssto, so will still be pretty heavy at this point. 2.well I tried my usual 30° and then also tried to nose into it a bit more to take advantage of the heatshielding on the leading edges of the delta wings. Still no luck. But yeah I will try ,try and try Again until successful as is the Kerbal way. If ksp came in a box with disc instead of an age warning it would have a :Caution stubbornness level required; -very high
  4. Does anyone know why my mk3 spaceplane wings keep instantly overheating?(big delta wing) It performs fine during ascent, however when trying to return from the mun the wings instantly overheat as soon as I enter the atmosphere. I was originally putting periaps at around 50,000m. I then thought well I obviously need to do a more gentle aerobrake . But the same thing happens even If I put periaps at 65,000m. Really frustrating me now. Also I'm on console . Not sure which version the console is currently on. So just thought I'd ask if pc players had the same /similar issue with an earlier build of the game?
  5. If you are on a slope try rotating vessel so it is facing uphill , retract your landing gear ,then try to pull nose up using reaction wheel /rcs and if you can get it up past 30°Then quickly extend landing gear again. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the great replies. I do have a worlds first flyby and science from around Duna contract atm , and currently is the only mission I've got . I had a feeling I would need to complete the flyby first, I've already made a contingency for this. I'm going to decouple a small probe from one of my transfer stages just before circularising and will let it continue with the flyby. Once I get to Duna I will have a long wait for the return window to Kerbin so I am hoping it gives me some contracts when I switch back to the ksc. Don't worry dude I've been playing it for a few years now.(since original release on console) This game has a steep learning curve. Especially if like me, you like to try figure things out yourself. Took me 2 weeks to get into orbit properly . But if your not as stubborn as me I would recommend watching some vids on you tube .
  7. For Minmus i personally try to get a low orbit rescue mission early game. I will then rescue the kerbal and leave the pod in orbit ,as the low orbit ones tend to be on an equatorial orbit. You can then target this vessel for a reference point to set up inclination change.
  8. Fist off i will state that i am on console(xbox) just to try avoid the generic ,"theres a mod for that" answer. So I have an annoying problem with my current career save. Every other time I have played career ,when getting close to the first Duna transfer window the game has always given me a good selection of Duna world first contracts. This time around I'm planning on sending a decent sized expedition, consisting of 6x different vessels currently in parking orbit awaiting transfer window. The problem is the game is not giving me any worlds first exploration missions. I currently have one for gaining science around and performing a fly by. And it is offering me random satellite and station contract for Duna and Ike. Just no world first. So basically I'm looking for advice as to any particular reason why this might be or if anyone is aware of any kind of pattern to trigger the missions etc. For example should i maybe cancel /complete the flyby mission then hope it gives me better ones? I would really like to get some good missions to cover my launch costs as even with reusable first stages I'll be forking out just over 1million funds for this trip. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. If you want to use rcs thrusters for forward thrust , then you need to enable fore by throttle in the editor. You can now use thrust /throttle as normal when in map mode. It's best if you can do this in the VAB as it will set all rcs blocks placed in symmetry to fore by throttle. It can be done in flight it just means you have to click on and activate it on each rcs thruster block seperately. Hope this helps.
  10. Got to say I'm really impressed with not only this update, but with the new development speed with ksp in general. I'm on console so I realise it will be a long time before we get this, if at all. But even the new patch on console shows they are actually testing the game more thoroughly. And listening to the community. And to those who say this can be done with mods, well that's all well for you but not everyone wants or has access to mods. Anyway for the moment I'm just hoping to get the dv indicator on console some time soon. And hopefully some of whats in this update also. Mostly the stock robotics.
  11. First thing you should check is, in the VAB activate centre of mass and centre of lift indicators. Ideally you want your centre of lift to be as close to just behind the centre of mass as you can. I suspect in your case it may be quite far behind the centre of mass. Which means it will turn. You just have to fight it a bit. Hope this helps
  12. Hmm yeah I never thought about that. Could come in useful. I usually just reduce throttle if there's more than one engine. This will come in handy when using only one engine though
  13. Check your pitch roll and yaw indicators. (Bottom left). If there is a pink/purple marker showing then you have trim set. This will cause your craft to continually pitch or roll etc depending on which axis trim has been set to. Not sure how to reset this on pc but I know it's LB+A to reset on console cursor controls . Also it activates if you input a control axis while holding LB on consoles. Again I'm unsure what this is on pc So yeah let us know if you see any pink markers on bottom left indicators and if you are on console or if on pc hopefully someone else can let you know how to reset trim. If Indeed this is the cause of your issues.
  14. Loving the new engine plates. Makes for some cool looking rocket builds. The service module shrouds are bugged ,I think. If you put solar panels / experiments inside the service module and launch without the shroud enabled , then the game thinks they are still blocked by aero forces. Kind of annoying. Does the pc version also have this problem?
  15. If you are using cursor control mode. Then it's LB+A to reset trim.
  16. It's unlocked pretty late in the tech tree for career mode. However I don't think there is any other requirement or limits ( ie limited fuel or parts available.) Bit I'm not sure as I have not used it. A friend who plays sandbox said it's available right from the get go on sandbox. Which I don't really agree with. Personally I think it would have been a great addition to the game, if they had made it a mission that popped up after getting a certain amount of science from the Mun. You then had to deliver/land a certain amount of fuel and or materials (lander cans etc) And even then it should need refilled or ressupplied afyer so many launches with a part and weight limit. Atm however i personally will not be using it but that's just me maybe others will like and/or use it.
  17. Oh ok I thought it was from 1.4. Here's hoping, tbh they have done a great job with enhanced edition imo. Now I personally think all we need now is the delta v calculator and some bigger landing legs. Fingers crossed for a another update within a year.
  18. Hoping squad can give a little insight as to why the new rover command module (from pc version 1.4 i think) was not included in the new parts pack. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. I'm loving the new update so far, and i think you guys done a great job with the new parts. But if I'm being honest I was really sad when I seen that this was not included. Atm it's a bit of a pain trying to decide what module to use for rovers. This new part looks great, and will give ability for some really cool rover designs. So yeah any news or a straight no we can't add that piece to console for x reason. Would be greatly appreciated.
  19. So the way I use it is. Say you wanted a dedicated lifter. But you want to be able to change or swap out the payload etc. You can have your main craft saved as lifter. Then start a new craft build for satellite or payload.Once you are happy with the payload(lander or Sat etc) you change the root part to the point you want to attach to lifter. Docking port /decoupled. Now when you click that piece it picks up the whole craft. You then open subbassembly window , drag and drop craft/payload into the grey box at the bottom and save. So now you can use this method to build multiple different satellites , landers etc all saved into subbassembly page. You can then just load your seperately saved lifter/vessel. Open the subbassembly window then just pick payload you want and pop it straight on to the pre built rocket. So for example I have a 15 ton capable lifter with a docking port and fairing. So I know i can then build a new vessel under 15tons test it etc then once I'm happy I can just pop it on the lifter and save as station module 2 etc. So you don't have to build a new rocket for every new module or lander etc to be sent up. When ready for a new module or payload you just open previous craft remove payload add new payload from subbassembly rename and off you go. Hope this helps.
  20. I think it is a good idea, however without some kind of prerequisite it does seem a bit, I don't want to say cheaty, but maybe just too easy. But with a bit of work required I think it could actually add a lot to the game. personally I think it would be awesome , and give more sense of achievement . If in order to unlock /build the launchsite we have to first land a certain amount of fuel and materials(ie extra crew cabins ,solar panels batteries etc) within say a 200m radius. You would need 2 engineers ,1pilot and 1scientist,then after a certain period of time. The game spawns in the launch pad , It then has a limited but reasonable storage of fuel. That can be refuelled once empty. Giving more reasons to have fuel depots. I feel this would give a good balance and it would not break the challenge of the game too much. As it could be used to launch small vessels and give a bonus for satellite contracts etc. But due to the need to ration fuel. Most likely any big ships would still be launched from kerbin. I realise maybe this would require a lot of work. But if put on hold and rethought/more developed, Then there's so much that could be done with the moon launch site. And much that it could add to the game in terms of progression /just things to do late game. Anyway I realise not all will like this kind of thing. So let me know what you guys think.
  21. Other option is to make a subassembly. Do this by making a connector part (decoupler/docking port etc) the root part. You can then open subassembly menu then drag and drop it into the Gray box at the bottom to save. Benefit of this , is you have more control over which part will be attached to your other stages. Atleast that's what I do. Not sure if was just being dumb , but i personally found the merge options to be a bit tricky. Hope this helps
  22. Will there be hotas/flight stick support for the xbox/ scorpio ? Also good to see a lot more info on the EE patch progress.
  23. Hmm seems strange I hope you can get it working, as this is a fantastic game. Only really 2 things i think might be causing this. 1. If you don't have automatic updates active then you may need to update to latest version. However I would assume if this was the case ,it would prompt a notification when attempting to load the game. 2. Might want to try a hard reset (hold power off button for 10 secs then restart). Hope this helps and welcome to the forums. Once you get it going I would recommend starting on career to help you get a feel for the game and get to know the parts. Then once you have questions/ need help. This community is very helpful and has a lot of information available to new/ existing players. So don't hesitate to ask. No question is a silly question when dealing with/learning KSP.
  24. Yeah I think this has been changed since last patch from aspect ratio to Overscan I believe. Go to space centre go to options and it should be right at the bottom. Hope this helps