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  1. Hello Lisias, I also don't have that much time currently, but from the first quick test it looks, like it has eliminated the log spam! BR Jebs_SY
  2. @Lisias I think the ablator resource also has a "storage tank" on part's that have ablator... hmm. RESOURCE { name = Ablator amount = 200 maxAmount = 200 } from HeatShield1.cfg. Could it help to set maxAmount to some value that's big enough? This is from a save: RESOURCE { name = RefundingForKSP111x amount = 1150.0000000000002 maxAmount = 0 flowState = False isTweakable = False hideFlow = False isVisible = False flowMode = None }
  3. Can it be, that this is about the storage capacity? I think he want's to calculate (for example) how much (in percent) is still available. So he iterates over the parts to count all the max storage capacity. So I think the problem could be, that the "refunding" resource has no part(module?) that can store/hold "refunding". It's kinda like having 10 electric charge available but 0 battery storage to hold it. How one then wants to calculate how many % battery charge one has still left? 10-ec out of 0-ec-storage-space? I could imagine that's the issue. I could be wrong, though.
  4. Hello @Lisias, can it be, that the "refunding" resource triggers this MAS check: (Utility.LogWarning(this, "Resource {0} has {1} PartResource modules, but no storage capacity.", resources.displayName, numPartResources); (Link) and then continuously spams the console with "[WRN 01:51:47.393] [MASVesselComputer] Resource Refunding has 12 PartResource modules, but no storage capacity." I dont know what's the best way to end that log spam. Ask @MOARdV, to stop logging that check, (or maybe make it to be toggled with a debug switch in the config file), while his check usually make sense, or ask @Lisias to add some (fake?) storage, which I assume will add additional problems... Currently it's adding almost 100 log entries per second.... BR Jebs_SY
  5. Hey @linuxgurugamer, send you greetings. o/ There's a small bug with stock EVA construction mode an JC. If you have "mod labels" of JC (f.e. "Squad") enabled and one places an item, the label stays there. Short video for demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKjRgUfSGfk I think that's because it's now the space scene. One can temp fix it by hovering over an item in the list and move away from the list (see in end of the video). Hopefully just a small fix. Kind regards, Jebs_SY
  6. @DocNappers Wow, amazing fast and already even picked up by CKAN. Thank you very much.
  7. Hello Doc, nice, thank you. I'm also not that deep into that topic. I think for almost all other audio sources it makes sense, that they become more quiet, when one zooms away from the object. Just the in game background music should not change it's volume. EDIT: Regarding the PluginData directory: "... mod that use cfg for config saving should put them into a PluginData subdirectory where they are not loaded by the game." https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/issues/43#issuecomment-170361911 It makes sense to put setting CFGs of plugins into this directory, because they are not loaded by the game itself nor modulemanager invalidates the cache when something in it changes. Parts and such stuff may not be put in there. Nowadays the MM cache is re-build very fast... so it's not such a big issue anymore, if it got invalidated for no reason. (It must be invalidated on the other hand, if a PART CFG changes.) Still, when it's not a part CFG, but a settings CFG (which is not needed by the main game), it's still good to put it in the right directory.
  8. Hello DocNappers, any chance to have this small bug fixed? Today it's line 1533. (originalAudioSourceDoppler = audioSources.dopplerLevel;) where one needs the "if (audioSources.name.Equals("MusicLogic")) break;" Basically, after using Camera Tools the ingame music fades out when zooming away from the vehicle. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e8oxurzUvY ) Wow, this bug is old...
  9. Regarding the questions for a discount... I like to see it the following way: We can be happy, that a company takes on the part of developing a KSP2 for us. A company needs to earn money. The "more" we pay, the more stuff/features they develop for us. So our spent money (usually) gives us games/stuff/features back. I have absolutely no problem to pay $60 for a KSP2. I also like to see/purchase DLCs like MH and BG for a very fair price. Imagine you play 61 hours of KSP2... that's below $1 / hour fun. Imagine you play 610 hours of KSP2... that's below $0.1 / hour fun. imagine you play more than 1000 hours of KSP2... well... you get the point... For some games you pay $60, and play them to the end in like 10 hours. I hope one can get the point... we finance the (continuous) development for this game/franchise. Also because of that I purchased KSP1 two times on my own and 2 or 3 times as a gift for others. As long we get a fair value I am very happy to take my part in supporting this. So as long as one has the luxury to not need to watch for every dollar/euro, let's support development. I know, some people also need to watch for every dollar, I don't mean this situation. There I can understand the question for a discount... For all others, let back this! The only one thing I wouldn't accept is some kind of regular needed in game payment like micro transactions for purchasing rocket parts for a launch. But I don't think someone would really try that way... at least I hope... BR Jebs_SY
  10. Hello, could some please check "All Y'all" there is a version conflict "11.6.4" is never than "". Does that need to be fixed at CKAN side or mod version side? Maybe also ping @linuxgurugamer ? BR JebsSY
  11. Hello, I would like to put a similar feature request here: I would love to see an offset-mode, so that multiple KAL-Controllers inputs can steer the same motor. Imagine a Quad-Copter where 3 axis steer the RPM of 4 motors... There one needs multiple KAL-Controllers steer the same motor. One for yaw, one for pitch, one for roll. But for that we would need a possibility do accumulate input requests of multiple KAL-Controller into one target. If there would be an "offset-mode", where the editor line in the middle does nothing, on bottom line it multiples the current value by 0.0 and on the top line it would multiply it by 2. So 0% bottom, 100% middle, 200% top. Then one could dial in the rotor main RPM for example at 150rpm and the input of "multiple KAL-Controllers in offset mode" will be multiplied with that main value. Then one could do a real quad-copter, where all axis are only done by different RPM on the 4 motors. The toggle-switch for direct vs offset could be perfectly added in the Action Groups where we already have the normal/inverse and incremental/absolut toggle switch. I could imagine that's easy implemented. One new toggle and if it's activate just multiply that editor-value with other occurring input values instead of using it as absolute input. PS: Can it be, that TRIM input on an axis is ignored by the KAL-1000? If yes, is that intentional? BR Jebs_SY
  12. Is there something special regarding the VOR/ILS senders? For my GPP installation I did an MM Patch to remove the Kerbal Stations and add the Gael Stations, but I can't pick them up, yet... EDIT: Nevermind, edited MAS Config, flying in a RPM Cockpit... well... o.O BR JebsSY
  13. @linuxgurugamer Hey LGG, there seem to be a problem with the com-net detector. When putting this on to a new vehicle in a clean 1.61 install and default sandbox and then spawning this vehicle, it throws an argument out of range exception and destroys the staging menu (left) in the flight scene. I also had some problems with the timer. It was throwing an error/exception (not sure which) and was not working. However I can't reproduce this 100%. Maybe it was related. If you check the com-net detector issue one day, maybe put them all on a vehicle and spawn it. I like the possibilities of these parts. I needed to do some orbital captures where I lost radio communication and the Smart Parts should help to stop the engine on communication loss or even trigger a "engine on" on timer and a "engine off" on orbital speed. Looking forward to use them. Would it maybe be possible to make switches like "singe part / current stage / entire ship" on the EC an the fuel level detector changeable in flight? EDIT: Ah, the other problem is NullRef Spam when one attaches a EC detector to a tank, which has no EC and set the detector to "single part". This is in stager.cs in method "OnFixedUpdate". Seems that one might be fixed via: if (singlePart == monitoredParts.single && observedPart != null) => if (singlePart == monitoredParts.single && observedPart != null && observedPart.Resources[monitoredResource] != null) EDIT2: The first problem with the comnet detector seems to be when it is spawned while set to "stage". If you spawn it set to an AG and later set it to "stage" then one does not seem to have a problem. I assume the "stage trigger mechanism" screws something up while loading the scene. Puh. Yes, its definitely an initialization problem. When set to stage while spawning it triggers and stages every single stage in the vehicle. If you spawn on AG1 and switch to STAGE when spawned, one has no problem. Best Regards JebsSY
  14. Hello @IgorZ I have two exceptions here, from KSPDEV... But as Nayah- says, he has the same problem even without KIS, so this seems not to be a KIS issue. And I think @whitespacekilla is spot on with his analysis. So it seems we need to wait for a KSP fix and maybe not delete launchpads until then... BR JebsSY
  15. @katateochi Thx for the nice mod. One question, would it be possible to move the settings.cfg into a subfolder called PluginData (CraftManager\PluginData\settings.cfg), so that ModuleManager ignores it and does not invalidate the MM-cache when the files changes? This helps to avoid unneeded MM patch cycles when restarting KSP which can make a difference of 1-2 minutes on highly modded installations.
  16. Hey LGG, I am getting some continuous LOG spam when on EVA and the RCS is on... it is spamming this line.... I think it needs something like a "if key pressed"-... can that be? BR JebsSY
  17. @LGG: Just FYI, the version in the ingame window title says I assume that just got forgotten to update. BTW, thx for the maintenance!
  18. That's the question. I still wouldn't bet on that. I read here multiple times about the problem with the non working menu, I doubt everyone has a KIS item lying around. At least the described way is an easy way to reproduce the problem. But maybe it is still useful, to ping @IgorZ regarding this issue like shown in the video... @IgorZ We (I) have a problem, that the game bugs our when (1) putting a KIS item on the ground and (2) using a planet pack that deletes the stock launchpads while having (3) making history installed. Maybe just check my last post and take a quick look at this video. Maybe this is also interesting for @Thomas P. ? I mean in the end it's an exception in the evaluation of the launchpads while saving the game in some special situation (f.e. a KIS item is lying around). Now is the question if the KIS item is anyhow special or maybe should kopernicus catch that case or is it a totally different solution. As last note, this only happens with Making History installed. And a fix is deleting the "removeLaunchSites = ..." from the GPP configs... but still maybe this case should somewhere catched... BR JebsSY o/
  19. @Galileo I've found a way to easy reproduce the launchsite exception, which prevents load and save and main menu... Just use KSP 1.4.5 with MH and install GPP 1631 + KIS 1.14 (f.e. via CKAN)... then put a KIS Item onto the launchpad and try to save... bugged... Seems like a KIS Item need to be lying around for the bug... I made a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKddXYyQQmU Hope this helps to debug... I am out of ideas, currently. EDIT: Wow, removing the line "removeLaunchSites = Desert_Launch_Site, Desert_Airfield, Desert_GroundObjects, Woomerang_GroundObjects" out of Geal_A.cfg indeed fixes / works around this problem! \o/ Thx @OhioBob BR JebsSY Log is:
  20. @Gameslinx @Galileo @Cooly568 Just wanted to say, count me in, having the same problem (LaunchSiteIndex - Argument Out Of Range ) but with GPP.... I removed dated quicksaves and kerbal konstructs, still after some specific actions the game is borked... can't save anymore, can't return to space center and so on... Made a demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZXhf30HWjo Its a relatively fresh game - science mode, but with around 100 mods. I wonder what messes around with the launch site list.... With Coolys information here it seems to be related to the Making History Expansion. Do we have a workaround here? BR JebsSY 180603T122955.069 [INFO] [ModularFI.ModularFlightIntegrator.print] [ModularFlightIntegrator] Start. VesselModule on vessel : ModularFlightIntegrator RPMVesselComputer CommNetVessel BetterBurnTimeData 180603T122955.672 [INFO] [FlightIntegrator.Setup] [FlightIntegrator]: Reloaded drag cube for zeroed cube root part SEP.Box on vessel Cardboard Box 180603T122955.676 [INFO] [KSPDev.LogUtils.DebugEx.Log] Part [Part:SEP.Box (id=F1439423103)] is in state IDLE 180603T122958.647 [EXCEPTION] [System.Collections.Generic.List`1[LaunchSite].get_Item] ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range. Parameter name: index at System.Collections.Generic.List`1[LaunchSite].get_Item (Int32 index) at Vessel.get_LandedInStockLaunchSite () at FlightState..ctor () at Game.Updated (GameScenes startSceneOverride) at Game.Updated () at QuickSaveLoad.doSave (System.String filename, System.String screenMsg) at QuickSaveLoad.quickSave (Boolean saveAs) at QuickSaveLoad.Update () 180603T123002.364 [EXCEPTION] [System.Collections.Generic.List`1[LaunchSite].get_Item] ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range. Parameter name: index at System.Collections.Generic.List`1[LaunchSite].get_Item (Int32 index) at Vessel.get_LandedInStockLaunchSite () at FlightState..ctor () at Game.Updated (GameScenes startSceneOverride) at Game.Updated () at QuickSaveLoad.doSave (System.String filename, System.String screenMsg) at QuickSaveLoad.quickSave (Boolean saveAs) at QuickSaveLoad.Update () 180603T123008.482 [INFO] [Kopernicus.DiscoverableObjects.UpdateAsteroid] [Kopernicus] No new objects this time. (Probablility is 15%) 180603T123008.482 [INFO] [Kopernicus.DiscoverableObjects.SpawnAsteroid] [Kopernicus] No new objects this time. (Probablility is 35%) 180603T123008.482 [INFO] [Kopernicus.DiscoverableObjects.UpdateAsteroid] [Kopernicus] No new objects this time. (Probablility is 35%) 180603T123008.483 [INFO] [Kopernicus.DiscoverableObjects.UpdateAsteroid] [Kopernicus] No new objects this time. (Probablility is 15%) 180603T123011.064 [INFO] [KSPUpgradePipeline.Process] [KSPUpgradePipeline]: Twitch (1.4.3) is up to date. 180603T123011.089 [INFO] [KSPScenarioType.GetAllScenarioTypesInAssemblies] [ScenarioTypes]: List Created 28 scenario types loaded from 169 loaded assemblies. 180603T123011.089 [INFO] [KSP.UI.Screens.MessageSystem.LoadMessages] [MessageSystem] Load Messages
  21. The background mode of this tool does not work for me. So don't use the background mode. I use the attached batch. And it only helps, when KSP IS NOT YET in the windows cache... as soon as you started KSP once before, it IS already in the cache. I have a loop to load it back into the cache cause when recording video with OBS it seems that writing the video to the HD, it slowly flushes KSP out of the windows cache. The loop in the batch reloads it back into the cache (while it is still in the cache) ... so more like updating the "last accessed" value of the files to make sure they stay in the cache. 32GB RAM here. If I then need to restart the game it loads up with like <2% HDD LED activity. Almost no activity at all. Cause of the windows cache it is also important, that users that making measurement here, at least load the game once fully and close it, before making any measurements. If not they are totally not comparable. Then they would compare non-caches with windows cached. BR JebsSY
  22. But @makkz, do you know what I wonder? When do we get an update for 1.4?! (scnr) :-)
  23. @jrodriguez Never done that, yet and have few time to fiddle into new things, at the moment. And what I always wonder, does one really fork a repo to add a 2 line change pull request? Seems like a lot of overhead. It's really only the one added line in the first thing and the added /PluginData/ in the second.
  24. @jrodriguez Thx for the new release. May I suggest 2 small changes? In camtools.cs in front of line 954 one could add: if (audioSources.name.Equals("MusicLogic")) break; Which fixes the problem, that after using CT the music volume changes when zooming (view distance to the vessel). And in CTPersistantField.cs line 8 to: public static string settingsURL = "GameData/CameraTools/PluginData/settings.cfg"; And move the settings to PluginData. This special named folder is known by modulemanager and having the settings there makes modulemanger NOT invalidate the cache each time camera tools changes its settings. This gives a faster startup for highly modded installs.
  25. @stupid_chris Could it be, that real chutes sometimes do not take their configuration with them? I almost lost a EVE lander because it suddenly had the chutes on default settings vs carbon chutes at max size. But I am not totally sure if I maybe really accidently forgot to configure them, that time. I will do some testing, if I find some spare time. Things that could be problematic are for example (a) copy a chute in editor (b) taking it from a subassembly (c) remount it in flight to another vessel with kis (d) selecting multiple (non symmetric) chutes in the editor with action groups extended and tweak the parameters (e) unmount it with KIS and put it into KIS inventory. That it's not possible to keep the configuration on (e) I can imagine. But in the other cases it would be great if the chute can keep it's configuration.
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