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  1. Hey, sorry to here you are re-focusing. I've also struggled to find time to get back into KSP over the past year with everything happening in my life. Thanks for all the amazing designs, missions and inspirations for my own craft over the years. In regards to the photos, if you still have the original images then why don't you try and upload them on imgur?
  2. I've not opened the game in a couple of weeks and wanted to try out 1.8, but when opening KSP via steam it opens windowed and sticks on the DialogPlain.fnt page. Then a small error box pops up that says Unity 2019.2........ as the window title with a kerbal image with an "!" next to them. No crash logs are generated. - No Mods - Fresh Install - Specs: Ryzen 7 3700X RX 5700XT 16GB Trident Z RGB 3000 RAM Asus Strix X570E WD SN750 500GB NVMe drive I've been able to open KSP flawlessly before but not sure if it's the new update or if it is something
  3. The hatch should be on the Nadir (pointing towards kerbin) of the station. In this orientation you should be clear of the radiator panels.
  4. Use Kroval Vessel Viewer (KVV) and PowerPoint. There are no templates, just a lot of adjusting to make the screen shots the same size and angle.
  5. There are 4 different versions of the CTV. 1 of the CTV-A and 3 of the CTV-B. The CTV-B is the open cargo carrier, the 3 different version are the 3 different lengths of the vehicle with the CTV-B-300 being the longest and the CTV-B-100 being the shortest. https://kerbalx.com/chlbutterworth/CTV-A https://kerbalx.com/chlbutterworth/CTV-B-100 https://kerbalx.com/chlbutterworth/CTV-B-200 https://kerbalx.com/chlbutterworth/CTV-B-300
  6. Thanks, I'm working on some satellite buses and some scientific probes and landers.
  7. That's really cool. I've not put the concept to this scale before. I like the docking port arrangement, that's a much better way of docking service vessels rather than using a hub. Keep up the good work.
  8. Hey, I made everything from scratch. @Raptor9 does some really good work. The naming system is good and works. I wanted to find out how he made the graphics and I have done. Thanks, I really worked hard on that. I wanted to make a HTV using KIS, but the craft just got too long and I decided to split it into 2 different variants. @Raptor9's 'Lightning' was inspired by the Vulcan ACES. So was mine, but I decided to make a more lifelike version including options for boosters and using a 2 engine layout for the main core booster. Everything I did was made from scratch, copying was
  9. Since you have done a replica ISS and Russian Space Stations. Have you thought about doing replica Soyuz and ISS vehicles?
  10. How did you calculate the Payload Rating's for the Rockets?
  11. This is a fantastic mod and i look forward to it being updated. Is there an archive of any older versions at all?
  12. Is this mod going to be update for 1.2? Or is it on hold for a long duration?
  13. Is there any update to this mod? It looks really good and I would really like it for my replica ISS.
  14. So, i've just started playing 1.2 and I was trying to make the schiaparelli lander. But the stock parachutes have disappeared... It's in sandbox mode, with a few mods installed but not that many that have anything to do with parachutes (Real Chute, SDHI). Any of the parachutes that do appear in the hangar don't have the ability to deploy their parachutes. Is there anything that could be causing this?
  15. Is there anyway to get the firings to behave like stock fairings, especially when using Mechjeb. Mechjeb automatically stages the stock fairings when above a certain altitude and below a dynamic pressure. Mechjeb doesn't auto stage the procedural fairings as they appear as a decoupler. Is there a way for Mechjeb to auto stage the fairings, I like to just hit launch and have the whole rocket autostage it self.
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