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  1. I was dreaming of space, exploration, innovation, and science... Now i'm a kerbal-hauler.
  2. I had set my radial parachutes to trigger (as per ususal) at 0.75 pressure, and deploy at 350m, and as my unmanned capsule descended behind the mountains i lost commnet link, but the parachutes didn't deploy... I thought it was autonomous, just like what altitude to extend the chute? in true kerbal fashion i had forgotten to deploy my chutes. too many new shiny things in 1.2
  3. I just tried this in game (1.1.x Steam) and it works fine. two Mk1 each with a Jr. port connected can transfer fine.
  4. so if a contract says ferry four tourists ... A's intinerary completion: $5000 orbit... completion: $900 suborbit... completion: $900 ... Rewards: Completion: $8000 at a rate of 12k:1, would I get zero science from this, because none of the sub-rewards are < ~12k, but each subreward would all be "docked" 60% income anyway. or would the total be considered $35200 ( 4 x (5000+900+900) + 8000 ), and the 60% applied making it $14080, but netting me ~1.1 science?
  5. Hi all. Newb here. 1. The clamp o tron Jr. doesn't seem to have any drawbacks other than not being dockable with the bigger version - is there any point in using the bigger version at all? seems i could save a lot on weight if i construct all craft with the jr. 2. how does the fund:science work in outsourced R&D, is it accumulated fund income, or per-payout? I.e. I have a contract to shuttle 6 tourists into orbit, it's split into many sub-components (like achieve orbital flight for Marlin: $9700, Achieve orbital flight for Kendra: $9700 .. etc), will each "payout" have to exceed the R&D limit (at ~12k) and the "fraction" is lost? or is it additive, i.e. the whole contract will pay $58k, and 60% of that is taken, then converted to science? if it's the former, it seems like it's utterly pointless, and just draining funds into nothing, is this correct? thanks all!
  6. How do you actually install this? the readme says to unpack it into the GameData folder, but it doesn't seem to work ... ignore this, i was using v2.2 which was designed for KSP 1.2 (i'm running the 1.1.x steam version still)
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