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  1. We just put out an early beta pack for the community to try out and let have their take on things. ---------------------------------------------- Downloads: SpaceDock, Curse
  2. Thanks for the responses so far. I went ahead and messaged most of you with more information.
  3. SpaceX ITS Test Pilots Needed Let me know if you're interested to contribute either here or in that post. o7
  4. I used the "Vector" since it looked pretty close to the exhaust in the SpaceX promo video.
  5. Thanks again. I need to edit the main post with recent updates. I got all 5 sets of engines working, A gimballed three and five Raptor cluster for the spaceship and booster, respectively. Three rings, 7 Raptor VAC for the ship and the others for the booster. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only issue I've been having is that the engines only seem to gimbal in one direction. A friend of mine is also having this issue. I'm seeing the same problem on stock engines as well, so I don't know if it's something about the game's install (not running any mods except my own and Hangar Extender). Video of the stock "Vector" only responding to Yaw/Roll (A/D Q/E) input. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Raptor triplet showing the same problem.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I'll was going to make them clip on parts, like standard legs. The ones in the screenshot are more or less a mock-up
  7. Do you know how to set up engine parts? I have a rig set up in Unity: PartTools is exporting fine: And here's my config: http://pastebin.com/mkR61b3Z --- Haven't gotten the part to load in. Keeps stalling here: My other parts, the Spaceship and Booster have been cooperating coming out of the same Unity project I've got set up
  8. I've started out with the rough tube, and some parts like the waffle fins.
  9. WIP SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System Working on a 1:1 scale SpaceX ITS for Kerbal Space Program. Download our Early Beta pack: SpaceDock, Curse ------------------------------------------------------------------ This addition to KSP comes with parts to let you reenact the missions demonstrated in SpaceX's promotional video for the Interplanetary Transport System. First public release of our beta parts pack. Enjoy, we look forward to your feedback. Planned Additions/Improvements: ITS Tanker second stage Docking support for ITS Spaceship/Tanker (preview) Texture additions and improvements Windows and IVA observatory for ITS Spaceship Crew hatch and ladder models for ITS Spaceship In-situ refueling from ground and atmosphere sources RCS tweaks for ITS Spaceship/Tanker Refinement of all vehicle's CoM/CoL to improve flights and re-entry
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