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  1. Hello, Will there ever be a way to do space battles with BDArmory again? My bullets just fling themself outward when I have a enemy lined up. I heard that the bullets/projectiles fire relative to the surface of the planet, not relative to the velocity and heading of the craft. Is this true? This may do serious issues.
  2. I just realized I had infact downloaded the wrong version of Kopernicus. Apologies for wasting your time.
  3. @JadeOfMaar Yes. The only other mod I run is KSP Interstellar.
  4. That is exactly what happens, my friend. Nothing changes at all.
  5. This does not appear to function at all, I launch the game fine, but the additional star systems do not appear.
  6. My game seems to crash when adding this mod, I will provide a list of mods if wanted. EDIT: nevermind, managed to fix it. the CAL version provided caused me to crash, you should look into that. EDIT2: Nevermind again, as soon as I enter SPH the game crashes.