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  1. Hi everybody, I have two requests: 1- can someone post a screenshot of mun terrain? mine seems "strange" (you can see it in previous page of this topic. I remember it was more beautiful in previous version (last time I played KSP it was 1.1.3) 2- Is it possible replace atmosphere with those from SVE? Here it seems too dense and it doesnt allow to see terrain below
  2. Hi everybody, I think I have some graphic artifact with this mod, can someone tell me if both kerbin atmo should just appear like (I cant see continents on the day-side) this and Mun surface this (it seems like tissue...)? EDIT: no other mods are installed
  3. Cool, Thanks Wait... what in case, in the future, rockets will be so efficient to reach orbital speed before reach the apogee ? the will use the ksp technique ?
  4. Also real rockets execute the first burn, then wait to reach the apogee to burn again in order to circularize the orbit or they use a constant burning during the flight?
  5. I agree that it could be a mod (I really don't know if it could be easy to implement or not, but i dont think so) but since they have to introduce something new in New releases why don't dream a little bit about it? :-) The mods have also one big problem, sometimes they are not supported anymore and they are abandoned. More, they need very passionated persons that work on them for free. One last thought: It will not affect the game making it more complicated such as it was for the antenna system (can't remember the name... ) But just more interesting.
  6. more songs I put in the folder music more RAM is required (because the songs are loaded when the game starts) or they are loaded just when needed?
  7. I see there are a lot of friendly and funny person on this forum. I'll not explain to you why I think your answers are stupid you'll not understand.
  8. That's true, not all maybe can accept the challenge ( why someone who doesn't accept the challenge is playing ksp?!? ) But probably this modifications could bring a lot of innovations for the others and the code to implement it would not be so hard to write. ( I think... ) About cameras and part count: the problem could be avoid not considering them in the counting. Maybe to balance the things every 3 cams you have to add a "cpu for cam" that increases the count of the parts.
  9. With the same cameras that you can use to explore areas of a planet. Just put it near a docking Port
  10. Very funny... But if you think about what I wrote it was implicit that you should have some flight info on the screen like it happen in probe control room and rpm mods. Otherwise you should say the same for manned rocket. What is supposed to look at without some info on the screens in the vessel?
  11. Simply it doesn't add the next maneuver... I'll check it better the version asap!
  12. Hi all, since I'm playing with very low settings I can't read very well the monitors. Is there the possibility to increase the resolution of the fonts?
  13. It would be nice if each planet would have its own geological and scientific characteristics. What it misses in the game is the deepness in science, I mean: for example collecting a soil sample from the mun scientists could discover that it was originated by kerbin suggesting some new experiments or areas where take new soil samples to confirm or reject this hyperostosis. The same with minmus: taking a soil sample scientists could see that it is made of ice (instead of find this info in the description of the planet at the very beginning of the game). The same could be for the other planets as well, adding new experiments such as atmospheric samples, in situ spectrometry, in situ optical observation of a sample, deep soil sample and so on. It would be also great then have the possibility to find microbial life on a planet. All the previous examples work perfectly with this. More, in order to make this discovery more fascinating and surprising, it could be that not in all the games it is possible find it, but at the beginning of a new game there is a random possibility to introduce it somewhere.
  14. It would be nice have an option to disable third person view when you are not performing an EVA or when you are piloting a probe. This will permit to discover the new words bit by bit using cameras giving us a "wow" effect Everytime we are able to see a new part or area of a planet. With cameras would be nice then map the areas with some pics passing from a blurry representation of that word to one more defined (increasing texture quality even in the planetary map) how it happens in the reality. More, you can have just some pics taken by astronauts (so you can see clearly just some areas) or a probe that maps continually obtaining strips (as it happen in some mods).
  15. Thx for answer. for example I saw that containers and recyclers from TAC are not working. Not 100% sure but I think that also containers from Universal Storage mod are not working with kerbalism. Correct me if I am wrong